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The Mish: Mosquitoes or Fleas?

Rusty - April 15, 2009

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The Mish: Knocking Doors or Street Contacting?

Rusty - April 14, 2009

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The Mish: Overly-lazy Companion or Overly-strict Companion?

Rusty - April 13, 2009

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A Totally Gay Podcast

Rusty - March 30, 2009

Our resident gay Mormon blogger, Silus Grok, hasn’t posted a thing since Prop 8 passed. I originally thought it was because he was too busy pushing over old ladies and vandalizing Mormon temples, but as it turns out he’s just been busy with a 1,000-piece puzzle.

This is a podcast of me interviewing Silus about his experience coming out, his thoughts on Prop 8 and being an active gay Mormon. There could easily have been another two hours but we had to cut it down to 45-minutes. Enjoy!

Podcast (on Switchpod)

Podcast (on YouPublish)

Transcript (on YouPublish)

Yeah. So?

Rusty - March 12, 2009

This will probably be my response if anyone confronts me about the Big Love. Maybe follow it up with something about how it’s all symbolic and when you strip symbols of their context/meaning they naturally appear kooky. And really, even the meaning behind the endowment symbols isn’t all that revelatory to anyone familiar with Mormon theology. I imagine it similar to a couple expressing oaths of love to each other, not something they necessarily want everyone else to hear, but also not really an expression never heard before.

“I’m Sorry You Are Offended (Except That I’m Not)”

Rusty - March 11, 2009

Excuse me, let me give you the exact quote from HBO: “Obviously, it was not our intention to do anything disrespectful to the church, but to those who may be offended, we offer our sincere apology,” after which they revealed their intentions to continue doing exactly that which is offending Mormons.


Someone needs to point out to HBO (more…)

Calling Disqualifiers (And No, It’s Not Because You’re Unworthy)

Rusty - March 4, 2009

“Are there experiences or qualities that tend to disqualify people for certain callings?”

This was asked on this BCC thread. A good question. As someone who participates in the discussions which lead to the extension of callings, I am in the awkward/uncomfortable position of making judgments on a member’s potential participation in a calling. (This shouldn’t be a newsflash to anyone, but determining who should be called to what is almost always much more perspiration than inspiration. I blogged about this in more detail here, but the short version is that I believe the Lord calls people because there are those who need to be served, not because you need a certain calling). I’m uncomfortable with this for many reasons, most of which revolve around the fact that I don’t like that my personal views and prejudices can potentially affect others, often to a great extent.

With that said, there are some things which, and I want to be perfectly clear, aren’t AUTOMATIC disqualifiers (which can be and have been discussed elsewhere), rather they put us in a difficult position for determining a prospect’s suitability for certain callings: (more…)

Super Bowl Sabbathday

Rusty - January 29, 2009


If not, why not? Is it because it’s the Sabbath and watching football is breaking the Sabbath? Or is it because you just don’t care about football? Or is it because your ward/stake has a horribly-planned meeting and you’re too obedient to skip out?

I Just Heard A Hilarious Joke About Prop 8

Rusty - November 11, 2008

…because, you know, Mormons have lots of wives!

Get it?!!?

(I promise it was hilariouser the first 4,594 times I heard it. Blame it on my delivery.)

Presidential Issues You Can’t Get Me To Care About

Rusty - November 3, 2008

- Obama or Palin’s lack of experience
- Nitpicky senate voting records (all senators compromise, that’s the name of the game)
- Their stance on abortion
- Their stance on gay marriage
- If they are anything like me
- How many houses they have
- Flag pins
- Middle names
- Their race
- Their sex
- Their age
- Whether or not they originally supported the war in Iraq
- Preconditions
- Pork
- Media bias
- Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright
- Palin’s wardrobe cost
- Palin’s pregnant daughter
- Palin’s accent/winking
- Biden’s gaffes

I’m sure there are more that I will think of later.

Welcome Guest-Blogger Mo Mommy

Rusty - October 28, 2008

Mo Mommy has been around the ‘nacle a while. She’s a 30-year old momma with a husband in Iraq. Her personal blog is found here. And most importantly, Susan thinks she’s a cool chick (which means you do to). These are not the droids you are looking for.


New Guest Blogger: Velska

Rusty - September 26, 2008

Welcome Velska!

New Permas: MCQ & David T.

Rusty -


If you don’t know them by now, you will never, never, never know them. Whooooa.

The Email Forward Has Convinced Me. Too Bad I Don’t Live In California

Rusty - September 15, 2008

So I’m trying to figure out how to tell friends and family that my wife and I don’t want to receive any more email forwards of a political nature (or dumb joke nature for that matter). It’s not that I don’t agree with some of the conservative principles of which they espouse, rather it’s the tone and tenor in which they are usually expressed in said emails. But in the meantime, there was one that has been passed on to me by two different people (and I’m sure many of you) that bugs me because it makes a bunch of claims without a single shred of evidence to back them up. That lack of evidence notwithstanding, legal ramifications and their impact on the Church are the only hesitations I have on the Prop 8 matter (I don’t really care if Joe and Beau get married).

So read the following forward and then I have some questions: (more…)

Proof That Amri Brown Is Wrong

Rusty - September 8, 2008

For once I get to prove that one of those intellectuals at BCC is wrong. Our leaders are not out of touch. (more…)

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