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Which Unpublished Drafts Should We Pressure the Nine Moons Writers To Publish?

Rusty - September 2, 2008


8 Years a Couple, Forever a Family

Rusty - August 6, 2008

Last night at 5:30pm Sara gave birth to our daughter, Lucca Plum Clifton (Lucca as in the Italian city and Plum as in Plummer, Sara’s maiden name). It was a long, exhausting and painful labor, but both mom and baby girl are healthy and happy.

Now we can finally get some sleep! :)

Welcome Guest Blogger David T

Rusty - July 29, 2008

Nine Moons would like to welcome David T as our newest guest-blogger. And no, this won’t be another CJ Douglass/Lamonte-guest-blogging-stint-in-which-they-are-never-relieved-of-their-duties-and-are-therefore-quietly-made-permabloggers. No, we’ll cut him off mid-sentence and never talk to him again. That or BCC will buy out his contract and we’ll sue Steve for breach of something.

Welcome David!

Love in Mourning

Rusty - July 22, 2008

Last Tuesday our dear friends’ 1-month old baby passed away after a fight with the rarest form of the rare Shwachman Diamond Syndrome. As if this weren’t sad enough, there were surrounding circumstances that made the situation even more tragic. As I spoke with our friends I could do little else but weep. The night after the passing a few of us close friends visited them and I sat for 20 minutes crying, not saying a thing. Any thought that came to my head was stopped by the “would-this-be-a-comforting-thing-to-hear?” filter. There truly aren’t words. (more…)

Adam Greenwood’s Post Is Cowardly And Extremely Misleading

Rusty - July 15, 2008

For those who want to actually discuss the issues surrounding Adam Greenwood’s post you may do so here (rather than making an extremely misleading claim, a potshot and then closing comments so nobody can dispute it). I’ll just assume that we’re all grown-ups and won’t get all “raillery” on J. Max Wilson and Steve Evans (or Adam).


Rusty -

As a regular contributor to Kulturblog we decided it was high time we do a podcast. So give ‘er a listen and let us know what you think.

Listen here.

More details here.

I Love (Not Just Like) Parentheses

Rusty - June 25, 2008

Some people are liberal with their “quote” marks. Others enjoy…the ellipse. I love (wait for it) parentheses. I’m always using them, so much so that when I write something (usually blogs and email) I have to go back and pare down my usage (like every OTHER sentence rather than every one) so I don’t seem so freakish. I don’t know where this affinity came from, though I’m pretty sure I often misuse them (as well as mispronounce “often” with a “t” sound).

Anyone else have an irrational bias for a certain punctuation or writing device?

Statistical Proof Of My Laziness…or My Evolution As A Mormon Blogger

Rusty - June 11, 2008

Warning: This post is the very definition of navel-gazing. If you’re looking for Quality Mormon Content™ you’ll find none here.

Four years ago I discovered the Bloggernacle and started this blog. I have been a regular participant in the community for years. I wrote a bunch of posts, invited some pretty great guest-bloggers, guest-blogged at T&S, initiated the Banner of Heaven exposé, designed some Bloggernacle/Mormon trading cards, started a few other blogs (some more successful than others), brought on some wonderful permabloggers and we’ve had loads of great conversations throughout.

Six weeks have passed since I’ve written anything and three months since I changed the header. Things have changed. (more…)

What Kind of “Protection” is the Garment?

Rusty - May 1, 2008

“It will be a shield and protection to you” (more…)

Member Missionary Technique #17: Don’t Tell Them You’re Mormon

Rusty - April 28, 2008

This weekend we had dinner at the apartment of a good friend of mine who is single and lives in Manhattan. As we were discussing said apartment (perfect location in the West Village, but very small one-bedroom) and her roommate situation (regularly subleases her living room) she revealed to us her technique for introducing these roommates to the Gospel…she doesn’t. Well, not for a while at least.

She lives with each roommate for only a few months (exactly as she’d prefer it), by the end of which anyone will come to the conclusion that she is kind, generous, thoughtful, hard-working, intelligent, etc., etc., etc. In other words, she’s completely normal. Once that’s clear she’ll likely feel comfortable enough to have a conversation about the Gospel, part of which usually contains the phrase, “You’re Mormon? But you’re so normal!”

Poll: How Do You Feel About Gay People? How Many Do You Know?

Rusty - April 14, 2008


Selling Your Integrity For $3.00

Rusty - April 11, 2008

As I was leaving work today I had a conversation with a friend about the luxury it is to have laundry in the basement of our building. Of course it would be nice to have a machine in our apartment but alas, we live in Brooklyn and therefore cannot afford the space it would require. But it sure is better than the laundromat. (more…)

I’d Leave My Husband If He Left The Mormon Church…And I’d Pose Nude For $100,000

Rusty - April 2, 2008

Well, not me, but the woman on the final episode of The Moment of Truth tonight. I know, trash tv, but this isn’t about my viewing habits. Stay focussed people.

Every Missionary A Missionary

Rusty - March 17, 2008

Before I went on my mission I knew that after I returned home I would look back on it with affection. As I was suffering through it I knew I would soon forget those same sufferings and now that I’ve been home nearly ten years (holy crap has it been that long already???) and I can admit that I was right all along, the mission was glorious. In fact, I’ve already written about my nostalgia and love for Guatemala here. I’ve been back twice and will hopefully return regularly throughout my life.

But those affections only go so far in the face of being asked if I’d do it again. (more…)

Eternal Smiling For 30-Million To See

Rusty - March 12, 2008

Last night on American Idol 30-million people saw a quick clip of the garments of David Archuleta’s father (in the 10-year old video clip of David and his dad). And there’s no question that’s what we were looking at.

Have there ever been more eyes on a single pair of G’s?

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