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Should I Say Something to the Bishop?

Don - August 7, 2010

This has been bugging me for several days now. We are having a family reunion and while the whole family is here we are going to bless a baby.

I asked permission of the Bishop (since it won’t be a regular Fast Sunday) he said no problem just let the executive sec. know – which I did.

The Exe. sec. called me to confirm and tell me that the father would need to come early to fill out some paperwork and that those who plan on being in the circle must have a current Temple recommend.

I have one son who is an Elder but is not endowed yet. He has a current limited temple recommend for baptisms only. (In fact I arranged with the temple president to do a special family baptism while everyone is here and this son is obviously included).

Anyway I wanted to make sure there weren’t going to be any embarrassing last minute glitches, so I told the Bishop everyone would have their recommends but one is not endowed. He asked me to get the name of the Ward and the name of the Bishop of my son’s ward so he could give him a call.

I was a bit stunned, but didn’t say anything. Now I kind of wish I had.

Why does my Bishop think he needs to check-up on this son? Isn’t a temple recommend a temple recommend? Since when do Bishops need to check up on Temple recommend holders coming to their ward and why does it take a special call just to stand in a circle with other Mel. Priesthood holder’s for a baby blessing?

If this son is worthy enough to go to the temple and do baptisms then isn’t he worthy enough to stand in the circle?

My son just moved into his current ward about a month ago, his Bishop didn’t issue the recommend and barely knows who he is. And his Bishop was going out of town this week, so my Bishop may not even be able to speak with him.

So should I say something, should I just let the chips fall where they may and hope there’s no problem or what?

Need Doctrinal Help!

Don - July 15, 2010

My brother sent me this email – I thought maybe some of you had some thoughts and insights!

“Sunday, in HP’s group, I taught the lesson and stated that Christ had the power to raise himself from the dead…and he did (see John 10:17-18 and paragraph 2 on page 61 of the GP manual). Monday at our old fogies FHE one of the guys said he had always thought that God the Father had raised Christ from the dead, and then cited/quoted several NT passages that confirm that. He asked me to research it and see what I could find. Here are several references (there are many more): Acts 2:32; 4:10;10:40; I Cor 15:15; I Peter 1:21; Romans 4:24….Well, I’ve been looking and, except for the ‘logical’ explanation that Christ had the power to lay down his life and pick it up again and that would make him the Redeemer/’Atoner’ and he received that power/authority from his Father (Luke 10:22); or argue that ‘as far as the Bible is translated correctly’ and the KJV was ‘translated’ by those who believed in the Triune godhead, I can’t find anything very concrete! Checked NT Commentary by McConkie, Answers to Gosp Quest by Jos Fielding and looking on line but not finding anything at all…I’m stumped. Suggestions? I’m open to your scholarship!!!”

What’s Your Biggest Surprise?

Don - June 8, 2010

We’ve all had surprises, good and bad.

Rusty and his wife Sara just set up one of the best surprises ever! (For those of you who don’t know, Rusty has a beautiful little 2 yr old daughter) My wife and I “Skype” with Rusty and Sara regularly, it’s actually so my wife can get her “Lucca Fix” – she loves seeing and talking to her granddaughter.

Without telling my wife, Sara and Lucca flew out to visit. Sunday after church I told my wife I was going to a meeting. I went to the airport and picked up Sara and Lucca.

When we arrive home I came into the house and we Skyped Rusty. My wife started talking to Rusty (I went out to the car and got Sara and Lucca, we sneaked in behind my wife while she was still talking. She asked Rusty “Where’s Lucca?” Rusty told her to turn around, she didn’t understand so she asked again. Rusty told her to turn around. The expression on my wife’s face was what we all were looking for and planning on! What a wonderful surprise and gift – a week with our granddaughter (and her mom)!

What’s been your biggest surprise…share the joy with us.

Pre-Mortal Life—Mortal Life – What Gives?

Don - May 29, 2010

Just a quick question. How much does/did the pre-mortal existence influence who we are, where we are, and what we are doing?

The Brother of Jared’s Answers for Today

Don - April 28, 2010

My bother and sister are involved in an adult FHE group and my sister taught the “lesson” this week. My brother sent me an email giving me several insights from the presentation. I thought these two were worth passing on.

First Joseph never went back or reviewed previous parts of the translation before he went on. In Ether he gives the genealogy of Jared to Ether (that’s about 27 generations). I don’t know about you but I can’t give 5 generations in my genealogy. How Joseph could give 27 generations without referring back to those generations that he had previously given is a testimony to me.

Second: When the brother of Jared went to the Lord and said he had 3 problems. First no air in the barges (because they were tight like a dish), second, he had no way to steer the barges to the promised land, and third no light in the barges.

The insights in to the answers are what I find so interesting. First no air. The Lord tell’s the BofJ to cut holes in the top and bottom. (Insight: BofJ – here’s my problem, God gives the answer but we have to do the work.) Second can’t steer. (Insight: BofJ – here’s my problem, God does the work -solves the problem) Third no light. (Insight: BofJ – here’s my problem, God says “So”, come up with an answer yourself and present it to me – see if it’s right).

So just like today those same three solutions to our prayers apply, just like they did for the BofJ.

Just an insight I had never noticed before but find so interesting. It confirms again that the things that work in the scriptures work for us in our day too.

Advise, Counsel, or Inspiration?

Don - April 24, 2010

I just re-read a long post I just completed about two experiences with “advise”, “counsel” from two different Stake Presidents. The interviews were separated by 15 years but the topic was closely related. The “advise”, “counsel” was very different.

I won’t comment on whether I feel either or both were right or wrong, or whether what they told me worked out well for me.

My question is how much can we or should we rely on such “advise”, “counsel” – is it inspired?

If we can’t rely on it, then why go and ask for their help? If they don’t feel inspired should they tell us – should there be a caviet? Should they preface their remarks with “This is just my advice.”? Or should we ask them if their counsel was inspired?

If we believe or don’t their advice is inspired then should be pray about it ourselve to get a confirmation? If we have to pray about it ourselves to get a confirmation, then why go to them in the first place, why not just go to the source and skip the middleman?

Bottomline, where does “advice” and “counsel” merge into “inspiration”, how do we tell which is which and what is what?

Temple Recommends – Are They Needed?

Don - April 23, 2010

I’ve been going to the temple for a number of years now. I’m always stopped at the “recommend desk” where my recommend is checked for ????? To see if it’s expired!

The first time I went to the temple I was a scared young missionary. I was worried that the temple worker would be so inspired that he would know if I was completely worthy. What about that cuss word I said when I tripped on my way up the stairs, or that fight I had with the jerk companion I was assigned to….or whatever. I kind of expected the temple worker to “catch” those elders who hadn’t repented, or seen the mission president to straighten things out. I thought they’d be found out and not allowed in.

Obviously my recommend doesn’t really tell the temple worker whether I’m currently worthy to enter or not. I was worthy when the recommend was issued (unless I lied in my interviews), but it says nothing about my present worthiness.

I know, I know – if I’m not worthy then I shouldn’t be going to the temple until I am. But wouldn’t it be scary if the temple worker really could tell and every once and a while someone was asked not to attend until they straighten things out.

I guess I like the system as it is, at least I can work on some of those areas when I’m inside and hopefully the spirit can work on me.

Just a thought.

Favorite BOM Character

Don - September 25, 2009

Who is your favorite BOM character – really?!

I got thinking about this and decided that Laman and Lemuel had to be two of my favorite characters. Not because they were rebels and the problems they caused. They are favorites because they show me that outstanding parent can have wayward kids.

We don’t know about Lehi’s parenting skills – maybe he spanked them too much and spoiled Nephi – maybe he treated all of them the same. What we do know is he was a righteous man (and wife) and they still had problem kids.

They help me to not judge other parents quite so much. Oh and the rebel in me likes to give answers that are a bit off the wall. But they are a good, bad example.

Is God’s Perfection What I want?

Don - September 21, 2009

I was thinking about Matt. 5:48, and how were admonished to become like Jesus. Both are nice goals – but!?

Jesus proclaimed himself and his father perfect to the Nephites and told us to be the same. He, in another place said “if you’ve seen me you’ve seen my father.”

It sounds like Jesus wants me to be a “mini-me” of Him and God.

If I had perfect love, like Jesus then I probably would lose some of – or all of – my sarcasm. How much of my humor would I lose if I was more like Jesus? How much of other “traits” that define me would I lose?

If the goal is to be perfect like Jesus then don’t I just become another “Jesus” in personality, love, patience, service, etc.?

Since I’m not perfect in any trait now, then the traits that define me are all not perfect. If perfection comes then I lose who I am, I become someone else – and I guess that’s what Benjamin was preaching about. But that someone else has become like Jesus, with all of Jesus’s perfect traits – a Jesus “mini-me”

Where is the diversity, or is there any when it come to perfection?

God’s Specific Foreknowledge Works Sometimes?

Don - September 8, 2009

God’s specific foreknowledge has been discussed before. First I would ask “Is this a black and white, yes or no question?” Is the answer either He does, or He does not have specific foreknowledge?

The sides, if I remember correctly, seemed to be – if He does then it might/could mess with our agency situation. Or He does have some foreknowledge of some things but not specific. Or He’s very good at figuring out all the alternatives considering who He is dealing with and therefore predicts very accurately.

Whatever, I’m not here to re-hash the previous discussions, I just have a question.

According to the scriptures Isaiah prophecied that a man named Cyrus would deliver the jews from captivity. Isaiah wrote this about 500 years before Cyrus was even born. When Isaiah was read to Cyrus he was amazed to see that God had actually called him by name and what his destiny was to be for the jews. So Cyrus allowed them. even paid them to return to Jerusalem out of captivity.

According to some Bible scholars interpretation Daniel prophecied the exact day that Jesus would enter Jerusalem in His triumphal entry. And the exact day that the nation Israel would be again formed.

More specifically to us, in the Book of Mormon we have the prophecy of Joseph / Joseph (Smith Sr.) and Joseph (Smith Jr.)

I’m sure there are other examples of prophecy that is exact prophecy.

So my questions is: If you can have exact prophecy once (or several times for that matter) then does that show that God has specific foreknowledge? If not how is exact prophecy explained? If so then what does that mean to us…if anything?

A Dilemma

Don - July 15, 2008

I just talked with my youngest son. He just changed jobs and is now a game tester at EA Sports. While walking to the cafeteria he noticed some crumpled up money on the ground. He picked it up and discovered it was a $20 bill and a $1 bill. (more…)

When Do We Quit Listening to / Following The Brethren?

Don - July 2, 2008

What critieria do we use to decide who and when we will follow? (more…)

Does It Bother You Like It Bothers Me?

Don - June 22, 2008

I don’t remember exactly when it started but it has finally gotten to the point where it really bothers me. (more…)

Has the Church Become Too Corporate?

Don - June 10, 2008

The bigger the corporation the more opportunity for it to waste money. Each department or division usually has a budget. They try to increase their budget….gives them power. They then make sure and spend ALL of their budget or they lose it. (more…)

Whatever Happened to Ward Teaching & the Inactives?

Don - May 29, 2008

I was just thinking of all the “politically correct” terms the church uses now. (more…)

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