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Missionary Philistinism

Guest - July 8, 2005

Submitted by Ned Flanders

Nineteen-year-old males aren’t paragons of learning and
wisdom. Sequestering them with other nineteen-year-olds probably isn’t a recipe
for much improvement. Despite these serious handicaps, they are the primary
representatives of our church. (I am setting aside the sister missionaries for
a moment, since they are much more mature, educated, and scarce.)


Is Church Embarrassing?

Guest - July 6, 2005

Submitted by Ned Flanders

I continued my unprecedented streak of church attendance Sunday, making
it three weeks in a row. If anyone had actually noticed me showing up,
I would count as a "re-activated male." I don’t know if they still do
that statistic, but during my mission we had to report every week how
many men were reactivated (sorry, ladies, I guess you don’t count). To
count, these men had to attend for three straight weeks, so I assume
three straight weeks of non-attendance would officially make one
inactive. I could keep coming three weeks on and three weeks off to
help the local missionaries bolster their stats.


Paying For My Sins, Not So Important

Don - July 5, 2005

After reading the comments from my previous post and doing more pondering I wanted to make a further comment or two myself.

I don’t think that payment for my sins by Christ is the most important part of the atonement. 


Welcome Ned Flanders

Rusty - July 4, 2005

I’ve been in contract negotiations with Ned Flanders of the beloved VivaNedFlanders blog for some time now. We’ve finally agreed to some terms we can both agree with and he will now be guest-blogging here at the Moons for a little while. I’ve always loved his blog and found his perspective very interesting. Please read his posts and make lots of comments, I told him my traffic is close to that of Times and Seasons so please don’t disappoint!

All The President’s (Young) Men

Rusty - July 1, 2005

Many people say that their mission was the best (or the only) possible one for them. I am one of those people for two reasons: Guatemala and President Williams.

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