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Intelligent Design and Evolution (re-edited)

Guest - August 7, 2005

Submitted by Bret

To those few of you who read my garbled first post on this issue, please accept my apologies. All it really was was exactly that, garbled info I found interesting but did not verify (very unlike me). I guess the only real issue I have with the whole issue (before I started spouting off) is what I originally was trying to get at: What is everyone’s take on teaching intelligent design (ID) in the classroom alongside evolution?

I had no problem being taught evolution, as it has some very good ideas. However, I very much did not like it being taught to me as FACT. There is a reason it is called a theory and not a law. (I often joke about the same thing concerning music theory) I personally think both ideas, if taught, should be taught as they are called, as theories only, that we still do not know for a fact how the universe was created (or organized, as we mormons like to call it) and this is what has been postulated so far.

What do you think?

Bloggernacle Trading Cards (Updated)

Rusty - August 2, 2005

Today Dave was speculating on whether the Strengthening the Members Committee has a set of trading cards on the 50 most wanted Mormon bloggers. Well, after some research it appears that the SMC does have trading cards. These are the only ones I could get my hands on before they firewalled me.

Watch out folks, you could be next!

(Update: The old Steve Evans has been pulled and they are now issuing an updated version.)

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