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Voices in My Head: An Introduction

D Christian Harrison - September 9, 2005

With Rusty’s continued indulgence, I’d like to chat a bit about something that’s pretty near to me. I’ve been meaning to write it up in an essay for months… but haven’t yet — trepidation and time conspiring to keep me silent. Perhaps this week, with a little bit of y’all’s help, I’ll put some meat on her bones — flesh-out the line a bit.

You see, I am asked (more than I thought I would be) how it is that I can be both gay and Mormon.

Some of my Mormon friends wonder how a good mormon boy can even countenance such a lifestyle, and a few of my gay friends can barely hide their disdain for a religion that they see as being horribly horribly wrong. And then there are the young men (mostly) who struggle with their orientation and ask me how I do it — how I keep the faith.

My Hall of Famers

D Christian Harrison - September 8, 2005

This post doesn’t have a category.

It’s about people.

Friends and family, really; and there’s nothing that covers that in the little pull-down menu that lets me pigeon-hole my post. And it’s a shame… because they’re just the sort of thing to write about.

My post starts last Sunday, in Elders Quorum. I’m not the teacher any more, but I still enjoy coming. And Sunday’s lesson was pulled from a talk by so-and-so, where he talks about the people he’s put in his personal Hall of Fame. There was Jesus, of course… and Ruth. And Peter and Paul. I’m sure there were others. But I wasn’t really listening.

A Little Like Lazurus

D Christian Harrison - September 7, 2005

Only not as deserving… nor, probably, as handsome.

* sigh *

So. I’m back from the dead… Grateful, as always, for Rusty’s kind invitation. I’m at work right now, but will be posting tonight. Wish me luck!

How Generous Does God Expect Us To Be?

Don - September 2, 2005

I have experienced a few ups and downs in my life financially.  If I would have kept my Microsoft stock I could have retired many years ago, but that’s another story.  I have had times when our income was well over $100K and years when our income was literally negative.


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