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Why Are Mormons Sooo “Cheap”?

Don - October 31, 2005

We own two businesses, a discount movie theater in the heart of "Happy Valley" (Orem) and a bridal store in Spokane Washington. At both locations Mormons are the cheapest of the cheap. Let me give some typical examples:


Obey Aaron T-Shirts

Rusty - October 27, 2005

It appears that everyone feels entitled to one of these t-shirts (even though Frank is the winner of the contest), so I’ve decided to make them available for any and all to purchase. What better way to say, “I love you” than with an Obey Aaron t-shirt.

Click here.

I have no interest in making money off of this (your enjoyment of the shirt is enough) so once I figure out how much they pay me for each shirt I will send the difference back to you (if you want me to).


BoH Contest, Prize Inside

Rusty - October 26, 2005

Always aiming to please our readers, we here at Nine Moons will host a “guess the Banner of Heaven character” contest. The rules are these:

Why the Banner of Heaven is Fake

Rusty - October 24, 2005

So I emailed Septimus at the Banner of Heaven with the idea of guest-posting at Banner of Heaven with the intent to prove them fake. He didn’t like that idea so much (to a real person it would be difficult to be told that you’re not real), but he reconsidered hoping to put all the speculation (of their fraud) to rest. Yes, that’s exactly my point! Well, apparently they feel it would be better for me to post it here rather than there because someone was crying… or something like that. I’d like their feedback but I’m not holding my breath considering not a single one of them have EVER left a comment here at Nine-Moons. If Septimus is willing to write a rebuttal I will post it here as a guest post. As always we are interested in Truth here at Nine-Moons, so his defense would be welcome.

Zeno’s Moving Party

Guest - October 21, 2005

Submitted by ARJ

Note that I started writing this entry on 8/23/05.  I finished on 10/21/05.  So some of the relative times might be a mess.  In any case I promised to post after I moved to document whether I went nuts again.  I think I handled it well, but I leave it to the reader to determine if I am nuts.  Or even real.


Tracting, Past & Future

Don - October 20, 2005

A post at T&S by Kaimi got me thinking…he usually does that to me.  Our mission required 20 hours of tracting per week minimum.  One week my companion and I actually tracted 41 hours.  Obviously tracting was not very effective then, and it isn’t now.  So what can be done instead?


Angels, What Good Are They?

Don - October 18, 2005

Amulek tells us in Alma 10:10 that he knew the things Alma told him were true and that "the Lord liveth, even so has he sent his angel to make these things manifest unto me". The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families then quotes this from Dallin H. Oaks


I Didn’t Get My Eagle

Rusty - October 12, 2005

And I don’t feel bad about it.

My Buddy, the Bishop

Rusty - October 10, 2005

During the priesthood session of General Conference President Faust related a story about his father’s respect for the office of bishop. He told of a church party at which they set up a dunking machine (you know the kind where you throw a baseball at a lever which, when hit, the dunk-ee falls into a receptacle of water). According to President Faust the members of the ward encouraged the bishop to be a dunk-ee (a bigger draw to raise more money). After a few dunkings the bishop began to shiver. President Faust’s father then said to him that he was offended because the office of bishop was belittled and held in contempt.

Priesthood / Faith, What’s the Deal Here?

Don - October 6, 2005

This topic has been floating around in my head for a while and brings me to a number of questions. The priesthood is defined as the power to act in God’s name. That seems pretty powerful to me. In fact, to get more powerful than that, you must become a God yourself.  However, as I read the scriptures I find that faith seems to have that much power too.


Is the Holy Ghost Female?

Don - October 3, 2005

I substituted for two weeks in gospel doctrine…my favorite calling.  The lessons were about leaving Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, B.Y. getting to the valley and about the Willie & Martin handcart company.  I love making things real for everyone and in the first lesson talked in detail about the difficulties of crossing Iowa, causing the delay of going to Utah and about the Mormon Battalion.  I was fortunate to be able to relate the story of my 4th great grandfather’s trip from England, conversion, and going to Nauvoo.  Part of the story was his joining the Mormon Battalion and subsequent death during their march to California.  The lesson went well with several comments after class.