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Apology to DKL

Guest - November 29, 2005

Submitted by GST

I apologize to DKL
for the "Monsters" post.  I do not now nor ever did think that he was
like Hitler in any respect. 

I was quite sure that he would appreciate my attempted joke, but I was
wrong.  Had I thought that he wouldn’t appreciate the joke, I
wouldn’t have posted it in the first place, and now that I know that he
didn’t appreciate it, I apologize to him and his family.


Why I Deleted The Monsters Thread

Rusty -

I will first say that I’m not a fan of deleting blogs and banning bloggers. For the most part posts are forgotten and trolls go away. While I have no ethical or moral reason for this (free speech, agency, whatever) I just always figure the conversation will resolve itself or die.

Well, it didn’t this tim so I ended it.

Why I Keep a Personal Journal

Guest -

Submitted by GST

Lawyers in private practice have a distinct advantage in overcoming the resistance to establishing the habit of keeping a journal.  After keeping track of your efforts for the day in six minute increments, taking a few minutes to log what happened on your own time isn’t that big of an imposition.


The Funniest Scripture in The Book of Mormon?

Guest - November 22, 2005

Submitted by GST

I might not know how to properly make a joke, but I think that I do have a sense of humor, if only in the sense that I can sense humor when it’s present.  Let me know if my humor sensor is properly calibrated: Alma 30:49-55.



Guest - November 21, 2005

Submitted by GST

I think it’s disgusting how DKL attempts to humanize himself by being photographed with an innocent child on his lap for the photo accompanying this story.

Allow me to make the inevitable, perfectly reasonable, and even-tempered analogy:

The 12 Year-Old Elder

Guest -

Submitted by GST

When my dad was twelve years old he was ordained an elder.  He sat in a chair in the bishop’s office, a group of priesthood holders gathered around him and put their hands on his head, and the voice for the group stated my dad’s name and then confidently intoned, "…I confer upon you the Melchizedek Priesthood and ordain you to the office of elder."  He then pronounced some brief words of counsel and blessing and closed in the customary way.


Welcome Guest Blogger GST (or you may know him as gst)

Rusty -

One of the great Bloggernacle commenters gives a self-description:

My Greatest Lesson in Loving My Enemies

Rusty - November 17, 2005

Rebecca and Geoff’s posts reminded me of an experience I had with a bully in high school. Let’s call him Chris. Chris was one of the primary drug-dealers in my school. That means he had some big, scary friends (even though he was smaller than me).

You Hang Out With Friends? Don’t Be So Cliquish!

Rusty - November 16, 2005

When we first moved to Brooklyn we discovered that within ten blocks of our apartment there was a group of five couples our age who always hung out together. We quickly assimilated ourselves into that group and had one of the most memorable summers of our lives. We just recently went on a reunion cruise with them (3 of the couples have since moved) and had a ball. These are good people and we’ve had some good times.

Apparently we were a clique.

I Hate Lawsuits

Don - November 15, 2005

While reading the BoM I stopped to contemplate this passage: 3Ne 12:25 "Agree with thine adversary quickly while thou are in the way with him, lest at any time he shall get thee, and thou shalt be cast into prison." Here’s my thougths…


And Now for Something Completely Different: No Street Clothes on Sunday

Rusty - November 14, 2005

I’ve taken some heat on-line for not letting my kids wear street clothes on Sundays. We wear a lot of long-sleeve white shirts and dark trousers, but they’re always tucked in. Interestingly, my kids don’t complain about it. You’d expect the complaints of “Jimmy gets to wear jeans on Sundays, why can’t I?” but frankly it never happens. The kids know the only street clothes I allow are gray socks (and the occasional paisley tie), so they don’t ask. And you know what — my kids sure do read a lot of scriptures and are always well-behaved during Family Home Evening, so I must be doing something right. It’s kind of fun to hear them tell their friends they shouldn’t be wearing hoodies on Sundays.

BYU Caught Red Handed Promoting a Lottery

Don - November 12, 2005

I wouldn’t have believed it but I saw it with my own two eyes. I was checking the ad proofs for my theater in BYU’s Daily Universe and there it was, a quarter page ad promoting a lottery at the BYU Bookstore.


Is the Fourth Beast the Avian Flu?

Don - November 10, 2005

We keep hearing much about the avian flu and it’s potential to become a pandemic. Is it going to be the fourth of the Four Hosemen of the Apoclypse? Let’s see…


Changing Headers

Rusty - November 9, 2005

I started to write something about blogs and branding and design and all that crap but I really only wanted to mention just one thing: if you haven’t yet noticed, I’m now expanding the aesthetic of the headers on this blog. This is a decision based on the obvious logic that the cooler the header the better the content.

Prayer Gimmicks

Don - November 8, 2005

I have a problem with prayer! I seem to pray with sincere "vain repetitions". Every once and a while I examine my praying, the thoughts, words and routine. I keep finding myself weighted in the balance and found wanting. Over the years I’ve tried making changes in the wording, the routine and even the positions to help me better focus. Here’s some examples of what I mean…


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