Family, that’s what it’s all about

Don - December 31, 2005

With the holiday season offically over it is time to reflect on it’s events.


Xmas: A Time to Celebrate X’s Birth

Rusty - December 22, 2005

I love it when Christians get bothered about “taking Christ out of Chirstmas” by calling it Xmas.

From the Front Lines of the Transit Strike

Rusty - December 21, 2005

7:30AM — Sara just got up so she could ride into the city with Christian and Mara. I could be the third person squished in the back of their Mini but I want to sleep a little more.

How Far Should Mormons Go As Employees?

Don - December 19, 2005

It’s one thing to discuss what we would do as business owners in offering items/services that are against the commandments. It’s easy to speculate or even have an opinion, but it’s quite different if it really is your business. It’s kind of like the "Peter principle"…."Oh, I would never had denied Christ 3 times." Easy to say but you weren’t there.  Any way what about you non-business owners, you who are employees?


How Far Should Mormons Go As Business Examples?

Don - December 15, 2005

My wife and I own a bridal store. We felt there was a need to provide modest (Temple Ready) dresses for the LDS girls in the area. Fortunately for us through wise counsel we opened with a full line of styles, modest making up only about 20%. The majority of our gowns are strapless.


Free Agency isn’t Free & I’ve Lost All My Future Choices!

Don - December 13, 2005

I’ve never liked the term "Free Agency". It isn’t Free. Some say it’s free because God gave us our agency, so it’s a free gift. First of all, agency is an eternal principle and has existed through all the eternities. Second, for us we had to have a savior to make agency work under God’s plan. Agency means you have a choice and that depending on your choice you will have an outcome.


Thanks to GST

Rusty - December 12, 2005

I just want to thank gst for his guest-posting stint. He provided one of Nine Moons’ most memorable posts/dramas since its inception, so he should be proud :) It’s been fun having him and we wish him well in his regular role as a snarky commenter. Cheers!

Stale Movie Reviews: Elephant

Guest - December 10, 2005

Submitted by GST

I just finished watching a movie on HBO called Elephant by Gus Van Sant, the fellow who made the movie about the junkies with Matt Dillon, which I remember liking, though I don’t remember much else about it now.  I realize that Elephant came out in 2003, but I didn’t see it until almost 2006, so only now do I have something to say about it.


Why Don’t Church Members Uphold Some Abortion Laws?

Rusty - December 9, 2005

I’m not too bright in many things. It often takes me a while to catch on to something everyone else understood a long time ago so I preface this post with that understanding… that I’m a bit slow. But I’ve had this nagging question to which I’ve never heard a satisfactory answer:

Testimony As Another Language

Rusty - December 5, 2005

Yesterday we had a wonderful testimony meeting. There were touching, heartfelt, sincere testimonies borne by both familiar and unfamiliar faces (only one testimony felt incongruous and it happened to be that of a visiting former stake president from Utah). I’d chalk it up as one of the best F&T meetings I’ve ever been a part of.