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Our Currrent #1 Missionary Tool

Rusty - March 30, 2006

Friend: So I was watching Big Love on HBO last night. Do you Mormons really practice polygamy?
Me: Nope, we haven’t for a hundred years.
Friend: Oh.
Me: We have modern-day prophets…yada, yada, yada…would you like to know more?

Why Does God Do It?

Don - March 29, 2006

Why does God go to such great lengths to accomplish His plan?  We have been reading about Joseph and his blessings.  But when you examine the big picture it seems like a whole lot of trouble that could have been accomplished in an easier way.


Maybe It’s My Breath!

Don - March 28, 2006

I don’t know what is going on, maybe it’s my breath, maybe it’s the water.


The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Rusty - March 23, 2006

In Luke 15 Jesus is accused by the Pharisees of eating with publicans and sinners. His reaction was not what I would have said (“yeah, so…?”) but instead he gave three parables, all similar in nature: The lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. In each of these parables there is something that is lost and found again, however the nature of the losing is perhaps the biggest difference between them:

My Sleeping Sin?

Don - March 20, 2006

We are all familiar with D&C 88:124 "… retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated." What is early?


I Can’t Believe They’re Not Bothered By What Doesn’t Bother Me!

Rusty -

A few weeks ago we gave a good friend of ours a colorful striped dress shirt for his birthday. The following is an excerpt from an email I received from him a few minutes ago:

I Don’t Know Why We Can’t Say “I Don’t Know.”

Rusty - March 16, 2006

I recently sat in on a discussion with a newly-reactivating member of our ward in which the missionaries were reviewing basic gospel concepts and doctrines. I was impressed that she had the humility to invite the missionaries to teach her such things considering she grew up in the Church. It quickly became apparent that she had grown up with many false assumptions which she attributed to her parents, church leaders and other members. As is often the case, too many bad experiences with individuals of influence yields an estrangement from the Church and its teachings.

Thanks T&S!

Rusty - March 14, 2006

So I just finished my two-week guest blogging stint at Times & Seasons and I wanted to formally thank those over there who invited me. It was fun. We had some great discussions about a variety of topics so it was worth my time. Thanks guys/ladies/Kaimi!

Probably more for myself than anyone else I’m putting up links here for future reference:

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Guest Post: G Love

Rusty - March 12, 2006

By: The Scoutmaster
The Scoutmaster is a friend from my ward in Brooklyn and she has nothing to do with our scouting program.

I’ve been a garment wearer for nearly 10 years now and therefore consider myself an expert on the subject. From mesh to drisilque, I’ve sampled nearly every fabric and size option available—including men’s cotton tops. Although I’m committed to the sacred honor and responsibility of wearing the garment, I’m not above complaining wholeheartedly about them whenever given the opportunity. In these modern days it seems that temple-going members should enjoy better options than underwear that reaches our armpits and boob pockets that reach nothing because they are so massive. Given that the garment design and fabrics have been changed several times since being introduced, I say it’s time to evolve and change again.

Prayer, Special Blessings and Reality

Don - March 11, 2006

I’ve been asked to speak in Sacrament meeting this week on prayer.  In preparing I’ve decided that I have some hang-ups about prayer and I’m not sure I have adequate experience either.


Guest Post: New Directions (Hopefully) in Mormon Art

Rusty - March 7, 2006

By: John M. Cline
Painter and Adjunct Professor of Art at East Tennessee State University

The 6th International Art Compeitition, conducted by the Museum of Church History and Art in 2003, has just been reproduced in the Ensign and is available on the Musem’s website as well. Except for a few stunning pieces, the work was disappointing. It is safe to say that cliché is alive and well in the Mormon art world. In fact, it is even celebrated.

I’ll Do Anything the Lord Asks Me Except…

Guest -

Submitted by Bret

This time I’m not complaining.  Or am I?  You be the judge!  Hopefully Rusty will come back soon from 50+ comments land and spare you from my ramblings.


A Post in Which arJ Whines about EQ

Guest - March 6, 2006

Submitted by ARJ

While Rusty is away the mice will play! Or at least a random John will see the lack of content here and make use of the fact that Rusty has never taken away my guest blogging credentials…