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The Parable of the Leaven Bread May Not Mean What You Think!

Don - April 29, 2006

The parable of the woman and the leaven bread is one of the 7 "Kingdon Parables".  They are so named because they are recorded together in Matthew and they start "The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto…."

We have been taught that the bread is like unto the world and the leaven is the church.  But is that really true?


But What If I Want To Evil-Speak Of The Lord’s Anointed?

Rusty - April 26, 2006

I always considered this exhortation to mean “don’t talk bad about the prophets or your priesthood leaders.” But if you think about it I’m not so sure that’s the case:

Is King a Priesthood Office?

Don - April 17, 2006

Which priesthood does the office of "King" come under?  Is it patriarchal?  Is it Melchezedek?  What about "Queen" or "Priestess"?


What’s Wrong With God-Making?

Rusty - April 13, 2006

During my senior year in high school I had a friendly discussion with a Christian friend of mine about the nature of God. He was aware of (and baffled at) the Mormon belief that we can one day become gods. When he asked how I could believe such a blasphemous teaching I asked him if he thought God was supremely happy. He said yes. Does God want us to be supremely happy? Yes. Why would God not do everything in His (all-encompassing) power to help us become like him? In other words, God doesn’t need to be above us, He’s not going to lift us only part of the way up to him. He wants us to become His equal, to be as happy as He is, not slightly less. (yeah, I know, not the most sophisticated of answers but it served its purpose)

Immigration and the Church

Don - April 10, 2006

The Church’s policy actually seems to be anti-immigration.  Sure the Church doesn’t get involved in very many political issues but this one is an exception.


The Anti’s Anti Site

Rusty - April 4, 2006

In the Church we get pretty regular instruction to stay away from certain influences (such as anti-Mormon literature) that can have a potentially damaging effect on our testimonies. I wonder if in the Anti-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints if they get similar instructions. If they do then posts like Ronan’s latest would surely be on thier list of DO NOT VISIT.

Thanks for the post Ronan (and everyone who commented), that’s the kind of stuff that strengthens me.