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Nine Moons : 2006 : May » 2006 » May

“If God Knew, Then Why Would He Call Him As Bishop?”

Rusty - May 25, 2006

Before I was a teenager my best friend’s dad was my bishop. It was he who initially defined what I understood as the role of a bishop. I figured his family was more righteous than ours because he didn’t let his sons watch the Seahawks on Sunday (my wicked father and I watched football every Sunday together). They were the perfect Mormon family. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that the entire time as bishop he was living in an adulterous relationship.

Members Checking Us Out.

Don - May 22, 2006

It happened again this Sunday.  It’s almost a common occurrence.  Many of the Ward members make regular comments about it.  It’s almost a phenomenon…maybe it is!


A Mom’s Reply for Rusty

Don - May 17, 2006

I started counting the days ’til Rusty would leave for his mission at 3 years, 6 months and so many days.  Looking back now, his strong will and constant pushing of the limits was easier to live with than an unmotivated child, but at the time I was overwhelmed.



Rusty - May 14, 2006

I’ve never called her Mother. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever used that word when talking about her. A “mother” is a regal defender of truth, standing at the pinnacle of virtue with her children-jewels arrayed in her crown of glory. No, she’s just mom, the lady who used to yell at me, spank me, ground me, and make me wear Toughskins and Pro-Wings. (I know… child abuse.)

Pay it Forward, Can You Pay Too Much Tithing?

Don - May 13, 2006

Tithing is one of the more interesting commandments.  It is one we always use as an example of being able to live a commandment "perfectly".  It’s simple, figure out what your increase annually is and pay 10%.


Earthlife is a Crock of Crap! Kind of.

Don - May 12, 2006

Geoff at "New Cool Thang" has done it again.  He’s pulled my chain and it’s time for me to express myself again. 

Rather than agreeing or defending or discussing any or all of his 3 theories I want to talk about this earth life.  This view works!


Would You Convert To Mormonism?

Rusty - May 8, 2006

If you hadn’t grown up in the church, would you have converted? Of course it’s impossible to answer accurately (unless you are in fact a convert) but this is a question that has plagued me for all of my adult life. There are so many factors that determine the experience like where you live, how you are introduced to it, your age, current decade, etc. In addition, so much of who we are is determined by our living of the gospel principles, I mean, who’s to say I wouldn’t be a raging alcoholic?

Alternatives to Geoff’s MMPs

Don - May 5, 2006

Geoff over at Cool New Thang challeged us to come up with an alternative plan that answers the questions that MMP supposedly provides.  I’m not as smart as Geoff, nor am as articulate.  He does a fantastic job of presenting and defending his thoughts and ideas.

(Find Geoff’s post about Multiple Mortal Probations here.)

Ok, enough praise, let’s get on to the challenge.


Life, What is it, Why have it?

Don - May 4, 2006

Furthering the discussion between my previous post here at Nine Moons and Geoff’s post at New Cool Thang, I have some more thoughts about this earth life.

I question is whether we make too big of deal about this earthlife!  Why do we suppose this earthlife is so darn important?  We are taught that God created this earth so we could come here, gain a physical body with it’s unique experiences and show faith by keeping the commandments so we can become Christlike and return back to Him.  The only valid part of those teachings to me is the gain a physical body part.  Far too many people have been born and died on this earth who did not experience anything nor had any chance to show any faith or keep any commandments to validate the entire teaching.

That being said, let me get to my point.


God, Agency and Me?

Don - May 2, 2006

The pre-mortal existence presents many thought provoking scenarios. I have wrestled with the idea of our agency and God’s omniscience. I know that God’s omniscience has been blogged before. I’m not sure what I’m going to say or my point, I just want to get some thoughts out of my head and hear what others think….so here goes.


Simple Words of Truth

Rusty - May 1, 2006

I generally think that I’m pretty good at explaining the gospel. Whether that be in a Sunday school teaching setting or during a casual conversation with a non-LDS friend. But I’m grateful that I’m often shown that my methods aren’t the best.