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Baptizing Those Who Are Accountable

Tim - August 31, 2006

“Behold I say unto you that this thing shall ye teach—repentance and baptism unto those who are accountable and capable of committing sin…” (Moroni 8:10)

In the Church we believe the age of accountability to be eight years of age. This is the supposed age when a person understands right vs. wrong and is therefore accountable for their actions. In other words, they are now able to sin. Therefore, they are now in need of baptism.

But what about those who have reached the age of accountability but have no concept of right and wrong? (more…)

The ward organist

Susan M - August 30, 2006

When we moved last, I counted how many wards I’ve lived in since joining the church, and I think it was something like 15. The other day during church I was thinking back and remembering some of the organists in various wards we’ve attended.

Stupid Oprah, I Can’t Believe She Didn’t List My Book!

Rusty - August 28, 2006

So I wrote a book about why our society needs more abuse. (more…)

Behold! The Imperial Trainwreck!

Seth - August 27, 2006

As a general matter, I didn’t have a “problem” with general idea of invading Iraq. I still don’t. Furthermore, I don’t primarily even really care if we had a good reason for it or not. This means, I don’t care if the reason for invasion was, WMD, oil, we just wanted to play with our tanks and tactical bombers, or even because we didn’t like Sadaam’s mustache. You can talk about those “moral” issues endlessly, and reasonable minds may differ.

I’m really not so much concerned that the war was “wrong” or “immoral” or even whether it ticked off Arabs, increased the ranks of terrorists, or whatever.

What I care about is the fact that it was a fight we probably weren’t capable of doing properly, and we should have known it. Bush should have known it. (more…)

Nothing is Simple, Even This Garbled Post

Rusty - August 23, 2006

I think Mies was wrong when he said “less is more.” (more…)

Ministerial Vestments and Being a “Marked People”

Seth - August 22, 2006

Touchstone Magazine’s blog Mere Comments has always been a little hit-or-miss with me. Sometimes I disagree with them. But every so often, I come across a piece I really enjoy. Yesterday, the piece was entitled “Man of God” and basically makes the case for the wearing of the standard uniform among the professional clergy. I found it quite moving and I’d encourage you to read it. (more…)

The Last Shall Be First

Seth - August 18, 2006

In the interest of using my newfound blogging powers for good, and for the betterment of humankind…

When you’re picking a parking spot during Stake Conference (or some other event that packs-in the people), don’t park on the street curb outside the parking lot in the hopes of avoiding the post-meeting traffic jam.

Why? (more…)

Full or Partial Disclosure, Who Are You?

Don -

First, a big Nine Moons welcome to Seth. On his welcome page several commenters revealed a bit about themselves which I found very interesting. (more…)

Welcome Seth Rogers

Rusty - August 17, 2006

Seth Rogers has agreed to come aboard as a permablogger. Check out his bio to learn more about him. Welcome!

Does God Give Us Trials, If So Why?

Don - August 15, 2006

I’ve tried to ponder this question with all it’s ramifications and it just brings more questions to my mind. I realize we all have different trials and no one gets out of this life (more…)

I’m Just Glad We Have Bush To Protect Us

Rusty - August 11, 2006

I know, I can’t even type that without laughing.

A Heartbreaking Story that Raises the Question: What Would You Do?

Tim - August 9, 2006

I think we are all well aware of just how out-of-hand youth sports have become. Here’s another story that has brought this issue back to the forefront that I believe deserves some discussion. (more…)

Hey I’m Back! Did I Miss Anything?

Tim - August 8, 2006


How Do Baby Blessings Work?

Don - August 7, 2006

Fast Sunday and another baby in the ward was blessed today. As I listened to the blessing which included “strong and healthy” and “going on a mission” and “temple marriage” it got me thinking… (more…)

Memorable Sacrament Meetings

Susan M - August 3, 2006

I’ve been a member of the church for over 17 years, and during that time I’ve lived in about 15 wards. Some wards were awesome. Some, not so much. But looking back over the years, there are a few Sacrament meetings that stand out for me more than others. (more…)

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