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Come Now, Tell the Truth, Do You Teach To Impress?

Rusty - September 29, 2006

In an interesting thread at FMH, commenter Lyndsey says (speculating why RS lessons are better than EQ lessons) “…men generally do not care if the other brothers are impressed by how much time they took to prepare the lesson because they realize that the men wouldn’t notice anyway. The women overly plan to impress.”

This got me thinking. (more…)

What does living in the world but not being a part of it mean to you?

Susan M -

To me, it means:

What Are Some Good Ground Rules For A Brother-In-Law in 650 Sq. Ft.?

Rusty - September 27, 2006

So we’ve just agreed to let my brother-in-law come and stay with us for three months. The kid needs a break from his classes and from Oregon (going to school at the U of O in Eugene). Being the ever-loving sister that is my wife (and the surprisingly laid-back and supportive husband I am) we offered our tiny second bedroom to him until January. And I should say that he is one cool cat. I’ve always felt that he belongs in New York (he’s very creative and is going into film), I just never imagined that would mean we’d be sharing a toilet. (more…)

Where Does All the Tithing Go?

Don - September 26, 2006

We went to dinner with some non-member friends last night. They are very active in the “Taco Time” church. (more…)

Kissing is the Single Mormon’s Sex

Rusty - September 25, 2006

This is a very common thought for the single Mormon. Because fornication (and things like unto it) is verboten all we really have is kissing. As we brag to our roommates about kissing the hot chick at the party there is a parallel conversation happening at UCLA where someone is bragging to his roommates about having sex with that hot chick at the party.

In fact, almost everything is parallel: (more…)

Mormons On TV

Tim -


The significance of dreams

Susan M - September 23, 2006

Have you ever had a dream you felt was trying to tell you something?

You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.

Seth - September 17, 2006

When the issue of the church dress code comes up, it seems that there is invariably someone out there who feels that quality dress and grooming is somewhat elitist. What about those of us who simply lack the fiscal resources to partake in that transformative male experience of the custom tailored suit? (more…)

Must Every Nation Hear the Gospel Before the Lord Comes?

Tim - September 13, 2006

We hear this being taught all the time. Before the Lord returns to the Earth, the Gospel must go out to all nations first. (more…)

The first time I paid tithing, my gas was shut off.

Susan M - September 12, 2006

The second time I paid tithing, my electricity was shut off.

I used to hear these stories, you know the type. About how someone’s husband became unemployed, and they were trying to decide between paying tithing or buying groceries, and they paid tithing. And the next day, their uncle drove up in a truck loaded with his excess food storage that he no longer needed since his kids were all grown. And they lived off of it for six months.

That’s not how it worked for me.

Cry, the Beloved Country

Seth - September 11, 2006

Five years ago, this morning, I sat enraptured before my television in a corner of the small college apartment I shared with my wife. I remember thinking a lot of things and feeling many conflicting emotions. Most have faded with time. (more…)

Thou shalt have no gods before me … except for MasterCard, Visa and American Express

Seth - September 8, 2006

The New York Bankruptcy and Consumer blog has noted an interesting development in our nation’s bankruptcy law:

The US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of New York recently came down with a decision that could have a thunderous impact on every religious person who tries to get protection from their creditors while continuing to make regular charitable contributions.

You see, the court reluctantly concluded that the bankruptcy law prohibits people from continuing to make their regular contributions until AFTER their creditors have been paid. (more…)

The Milton Glaser Exhibition at BYU’s Museum of Art

Rusty - September 7, 2006

Design icon Milton Glaser currently has an exhibition called Just Enough Is More: The Graphic Design Of Milton Glaser at BYU’s Museum of Art. At SVA Milton was my thesis advisor, teacher and mentor. Not only is he brilliant but also funny and kind. If you live in Utah it would be well worth your time to visit the museum and see the exhibit before October 7th. His wisdom and insight into the world of art, design and life is vast and I think you’d walk away uplifted.

By the way, this is a significant exhibition for BYU. Because designers mostly work in the background (as opposed to artists who are as well-known as their art) it’s difficult to communicate how important Milton Glaser is to modern design without comparing him to an artist like Renoir or Matisse. You ask any designer to name a designer and Milton will be one of the first three named. A big congrats to BYU for bringing him in and making it work.

Also, see here for an interesting podcast (regarding the BYU show) and fantastic videos with Milton.

Jonah – The Unforgiving?

Seth - September 3, 2006

I discovered today that I never truly got the story of “Jonah and the Whale.” (more…)