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Which is More Important – Pre-mortal, Mortal, or Millenium Life?

Don - October 31, 2006

I’ve given some thought to this question, probably not enough thought. Here are some of my thoughts: (more…)

Thoughts from the third pew, center left

Susan M - October 29, 2006

She has such great hair. So frizzy and crazy. She must hate it.

I can’t believe she’s already given me a treat. She was probably assigned as my visiting teacher yesterday! I always get the best visiting teachers. And I’m such a bad one. I can’t remember the last visit I made.

Why is it always candy? Or cookies. I hope she doesn’t feel bad when she finds out I’m diabetic.

A Simple Bloggernacle Timeline

Rusty - October 25, 2006

Gospel discussion
Gospel discussion
Gospel discussion
Gospel discussion
Gospel discussion
“Hey, we’re a community!” (more…)

The Logo King

Don - October 24, 2006

Rusty, is the logo king! Who else or where else would you find a blog…or website for that matter that (more…)

The Mormon Cheap Mentality

Don - October 23, 2006

Is it just me, or is it true…Mormon’s have a cheap mentality. It seems to me that it might even be part of our Mormon culture to be cheap. Maybe I’m more sensitive about this than others because I’m in business. (more…)

When Explaining It is More Difficult than Living It

Rusty - October 17, 2006

In the comments of my Word of Wisdom Exception Game post Amira says that explaining the Word of Wisdom is the “worst part” for her. In other words she feels like having to explain to her friends/co-workers/non-member family why we have/live the Word of Wisdom is more difficult than actually living it.

Yeah, same here. (more…)

Do Spirit Hugs Exist?

Don - October 13, 2006

According to Joseph Smith we can detect evil spirits and righteous spirits by offering to shake their hands. (more…)

*Cough* *Cough*, I’m Too Sick To Go To Church Today

Rusty - October 12, 2006

In our conversation about football here Tom reminded me of a childhood phenomenon: playing sick to get out of going to church. (more…)

Meeting the Word of Wisdom Half-Way

Seth - October 10, 2006

Ever felt like you were missing out by simply grabbing the “decaf” brands? Ever wanted to “drive your stagecoach six inches from the cliff” and wade into some good ol’ fashioned “appearance of evil?” Envious of all those snooty tea drinkers and their claims of fabulous hidden health benefits? Or are you simply looking to kick the habit and looking for a way to “ease into” the new you short of quitting cold turkey? (more…)

A Sincere Question About Homosexuality and Christianity

Rusty -

I’m probably just ignorant so please let me know if that’s the case but there’s something that doesn’t make sense to me. (more…)

The ‘Word of Wisdom Exception’ Game

Rusty - October 6, 2006

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m bored. Let’s play a game.

If President Hinckley said, “My brothers and sisters, thus sayeth the Lord, ‘you may now partake of the forbidden substances outlined in the Word of Wisdom, however, you may only choose one form of each substance. Choose wisely’” what would you choose? (more…)

The Resignation That Living Brings

Susan M - October 4, 2006

And on the brave and crazy wings of youth
They went flying around in the rain
And their feathers, once so fine, grew torn and tattered
And in the end they traded their tired wings
For the resignation that living brings

– Jackson Browne, “Before the Deluge”

Have you experienced the resignation that living brings? I have.

What have you done about it? Should anything be done about it?

Would the “Brethren” Do That?

Don - October 2, 2006

I just talked with a friend of mine from Utah. Her brother manages a large motel in North Salt Lake. He told her that 7 motel managers from Provo told “the brethren” that during Women’s Week they were (more…)