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What I’m Going To Do With My $100 Million

Rusty - November 30, 2006

A couple days ago I read a blog post in which the following question was posed: “What if you were a wealthy philanthropist who could write a $100 million check to fund any infrastructure or public project in Brooklyn? What would it be?” It’s an interesting question to be sure, as were many of the answers (bike lanes, trolley cars, etc.). However, my mind wandered and I asked myself, “what would I do if I had $100 million to spend?” (more…)

Non-Member Not Dressed Right For Church!

Don - November 28, 2006

My wife and I were running late as usual, so we quickly slipped into the last open pew on the side of the chapel. Shortly after we sat down the lady in front of us reached over the next pew up to grab a (more…)

Beards and Worthiness, Why Is It An Issue?

Don - November 27, 2006

I want to be fair and present both sides of this situation, but I really have strong feelings. (more…)

Fun family moments, and atypical Mormons

Susan M - November 26, 2006

One day my boss said to me, “You’re the coolest Mormon I’ve ever met.”

My reply was, “I get that a lot.”

And I think it’s kind of sad. For the record, I’m not cool at all. I’m dorky. (But as my husband, Daniel, likes to say, people who think they’re cool are dorky. People who think they’re dorky are cool. Uh huh.)

But I’m definitely not your typical Mormon (if there is such a thing). I’m guessing a lot of people in the LDS blogging circles aren’t, either.

I note down on my personal blog dorky/funny conversations our family has. Danithew (of LDS blogging fame, not to be confused with Daniel, my husband) told me he thought I should share them with a wider audience, since a lot of them are not what you’d expect an LDS family to talk about. So I decided to compile some of them and let you all in on our dorky/cool (and mostly atypical?) family moments.


I Am Grateful For…

Rusty - November 22, 2006

Zippers, buttons and snaps
Tomme Creyeuse (cheese)
The good, good people
Arrested Development
The rubber stamp tool (Photoshop)
New York architecture
David O. McKay
Rotchford Dr. (the street I grew up on)
Double-sided tape
Jacob (Nephi’s brother)
New York Magazine

Any others?

The strength of Nephi

Susan M - November 19, 2006

You know the account of Nephi and his family in the wilderness, when they all start “murmuring” and complaining about being in the wilderness, because they’ve all broken their bows and are running out of food? Only Nephi remains faithful. He builds himself a new bow, and he goes to his father Lehi to ask where he should hunt, and Lehi is chastened and repents of murmuring against the Lord. Here Nephi is, everyone around him complaining about the lack of food and conditions they are living in, and even his father, the prophet, has given up and joined in on it. What does Nephi do? He yells at them for their faithlessness and gets his father to shape up.

Everytime I’ve heard this story discussed, people always marvel at the strength of Nephi. I don’t disagree—it takes a very strong person not to simply give up in those kind of conditions. But I see this a little differently than a lot of people.

I think it’s often easier to be strong when all those around you have given up. (more…)

Why Does God Give Special Treatment to Some?

Don - November 17, 2006

My scripture study this morning got me thinking again about God’s special treatment for the house of Israel. Here are some of my musings about this: (more…)

Here’s to the Ladies

Seth - November 15, 2006

I don’t know how this will sit with conservative Mormon sensibilities. And I suppose I might take a lot of ribbing for this, but… (more…)

Mormon “Gray Areas” Survey Results

Rusty - November 14, 2006

The following are my biased, totally unfounded, wholly unscientific observations and conclusions about us Mormons and the gray areas of our religion. If you want hard data with which you can use to unrighteously judge others, this is the place. Only the bishop of a West Hollywood singles ward has seen so much confession of sin. (more…)

Mormon “Gray Areas” Survey

Rusty - November 13, 2006

Please take this fun little survey. I’ll collect and post the results in a few days.

Are You Predjudice – Deep Down?

Don - November 10, 2006

We just had an experience at our bridal store where 4 blacks came in one diverted our salesperson’s attention. The remaining 3 huddled around our jewelry case (more…)

Do you ever wonder…

Susan M - November 7, 2006

…how many of the strangers all around you were people you knew really well in the pre-existence?

Guy Fawkes – My Hero (Nov. 5th Guy Fawkes day)

Don - November 4, 2006

Guy is not my hero because he tried blowing up Parlament…which sometimes isn’t such a bad idea. He’s my hero because of the fun of celebrating Guy Fawkes day. (more…)

Nice News – Honesty Is Alive & Well

Don -

I just received a card forwarded to me by the manager at the theater I own in Orem Utah. The card reads: “Dear Manager, (more…)

I’m Sorry Emiko

Seth -

When the Lord calls me to be judged, perhaps he will ask, “Zusia, why were you not like my servant Abraham?” And I will answer, “Lord, Abraham was the father of nations, the receiver of thy great promises. But I am only Zusia.” Perhaps he will ask, “Zusia, why were you not like my servat Moses?” And I will say, “Lord, thy servant Moses led thy people from Egypt; he received thy law upon the mount. But I am only Zusia.” But what shall I answer when he asks, “Zusia, why were you not like my servant Zusia?”

Like all missionaries who served in Japan in the early 90s, I taught free English classes to interested people twice weekly. (more…)

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