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The Most Profound Doctrine in Mormonism?

Don - February 28, 2007

What is the most profound doctrine in Mormonism? That’s a question I’ve given some thought to. We are so different from our Christian brothers and sisters and yet similar too. Many of our doctrines are generally accepted in the Christian world.

There are however many of our doctrines that are far from what would be termed normal christianity. (more…)

Pay Your Tithing Directly

Rusty -

With all this talk about tithing, it reminded me of the fact that you can send your tithing directly to the Church without having to go through the bishopric. My wife and I have it set up with the rest of our bills on our bank’s website. Each month you just punch in the number and the bank sends the check.

The address is: (more…)

Welcome to my life

Susan M - February 22, 2007

*WARNING: Massive navel gazing ahead.*

I’ve been having a bit of a mid-life crisis lately. I’m 36 and I feel like time is slipping by way too fast. My kids are almost grown (oldest is 17, youngest is 12), and there’s so much I wanted to do for and with them that I haven’t been able to. I decided after New Year’s that I wanted this year to be the best year ever, a year I could look back on and think, “2007, that was the year I…” Fill in the blank with some great (or even just good) thing. So far, I’ve started a music podcast (which only increases my dork factor), and I made an important decision about a long-term goal, but that’s about it.

I find myself looking back over my life a lot and mostly thinking, “Man, that really sucked.”

What’s in Your Phylactery?

Don - February 21, 2007

I recently taught a lesson where Christ was condemning the Jewish leaders for enlarging the borders of their garmets and their phylacteries.

The orthodox jews wear a leather box on their forehead and arm with certain scriptures written in them. (more…)

Living off the Devil

Christian J - February 19, 2007

What is now the Joseph Smith Building in Salt Lake City was once a beautiful and historic hotel serving visitors from many parts of the world. In the 1980′s, the number of visitors to the hotel became increasingly low. The church asked Marriott Corp. to conduct a study as to what could be done to bring in more guests. The report was issued back to the church and at the top of the list was: Start serving alcohol. (more…)

Garden of Eden – I Don’t Get It!?

Don - February 13, 2007

I feel that I pretty much understand our beliefs about the Garden of Eden. The temple helps clear up some areas that the scriptures tend to be a bit vague about.

What I don’t get it the rationale behind other church’s beleifs. (more…)

The Great And Spacious Mission Survey Results

Rusty - February 12, 2007

98 responses, 175 years of service, thousands of baptisms, tens of thousands of testimonies borne, and one dorky-looking short-sleeve-and-tie wearing bloggernacle. (more…)

John Lennon’s “Imagine”: Do People Get It?

Tom -

The other day I was driving about and my iPod batteries ran out just in time for me to hear the last two songs in the local college radio station’s countdown of the 897 greatest songs of all time as voted by listeners. Number two was Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” and number one was not “Stairway to Heaven,” as it should have been, but “Imagine” by John Lennon. I let out an “Oh, come on!” My first reason for protesting is that, as a piece of music, “Imagine” does very little for me. It’s nice enough, the melody is OK, but it’s no “Stairway.” It’s not even an “Eleanor Rigby” or “Hey Jude.” But besides the not-so-special music, I dislike the song because the lyrics are a naive, simplistic, pie-in-the-sky, anti-God, anti-religion smackdown. (more…)

“Please bless that we have a good day today…

Susan M - February 9, 2007

And when we get back we have a lot of good stories to share.”

This was included in the family prayer my 12 year old son offered this morning. (It’s like a mantra for all bloggers, everywhere!) It’s almost a contradiction, though, because usually it’s the bad days that give us the best stories.

So I ask you, what was a good day you had that gave you a good story to share?

The Great And Spacious Mission Survey

Rusty - February 7, 2007

Please take this mission survey and I will report the results in a few days. Thanks!

NOTE: this should be absurdly obvious but I’m going to say it anyway, please don’t take the survey if you didn’t go on a mission.

I Hate My Job – What About You?

Don -

I have never worked for a company, punched a clock or had someone (other than my wife) to report to – job wise – since I graduated from college. I’ve owned several businesses and been in sales. Some of these jobs have provided great experiences, fun times, and a real feeling of job satisfaction.

My wife and I opened a bridal store 6 years ago. It’s been a challenge to say the least. (more…)

Does Religion or Atheism Offer A Better Route To Unselfishness?

Rusty - February 6, 2007

In a post at Mormon Stories I was having a conversation in which an atheist suggested that “…religion inclines people toward having a more selfish perspective…[because] it’s all about earning the right to get into ‘heaven’” Then he asserted that atheists are focussed on how to make this world a better place for ourselves, our children and others less fortunate. Aside from the fact that the first reason he mentioned for being less selfish was to make this world a better place for himself, my feeling was that the Gospel is ALL ABOUT service/sacrifice for others and by so doing I will become a better person. Then the argument was made that because I recognize that I can become a better person through being selfless, that is somehow selfish. Then the comments were shut down. Hrmph.

I should have known that one of the classic blunders is to never get into an argument about morality with an atheist (along with getting into a land war in Asia and making a bet with a Sicilian when death is on the line). I guess my feeling is that if you’re becoming unselfish, whether through atheism or religion, great! I’m not too worried about which one is more efficient at doing so (even though I have my opinion), as long as it’s happening is what’s important.

I Love Lucre (Sans Filthiness)

Rusty - February 5, 2007

The comments from the men’s fashion post made me think about something close to my heart: worldy possessions. Indeed I like them and want more. Yes, I know, filthy lucre and fine-twined linens won’t bring me happiness blah blah blah, but this isn’t a post about that eye-through-the-needle-of-a-camel stuff, it’s about how we spend our money.

First of all, please spare us any platitudes about how we should live in huts and wear thrift store clothes so we can give the rest of our money to the PEF. I’m not asking what Jesus would do, I’m asking what you do. The purpose of this post is to analyze our own psychology as we spend our own money, not how others spend theirs. (more…)

Mormons on the Internet

Susan M -

I used to have in my possession a book titled Mormons on the Internet by Laura Meary Gold. It was published in 1997. Unfortunately, I can’t find it. I think it may have been tossed when I consolidated a bunch of my small bookcases into one large one.

I can’t imagine throwing it out, though, since I’m mentioned in it!

The Beauty of the Gospel

Tom - February 2, 2007

To me the essence of the Gospel is this: our Heavenly Parents desire nothing more than that their children live with them in eternal joy, but as nascent spirits living in their presence and without understanding of good and bad, hope and despair, pleasure and pain it was not possible for us to grow and develop to become like them and experience the joy that they experience. So they sent us to a world where we would know pain and sorrow so that we could also know peace and happiness; where we would not be in their personal presence, or even have the memory of it, so that we could learn of our own accord to act in accordance with the principles that lead to joy; where we could be part of families so that we could in a small way play the roles that they play and learn to love as they love. (more…)

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