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Some of us are bloggers and some of us are hacks

Christian J - February 1, 2007

When Rusty asked me to do a few guest posts I wondered what he had been smoking. Maybe, I thought, he was trying to get me back for that Milton Glaser post. Maybe he was attempting to expose me for the hack that I am. Now I’m starting to think I was right.

You see, I’ve mostly thought of myself as a sham of a mormon blogger and most of the time find myself offering little insight and much beligerance to the ‘nacle community. For the most part, I blog because no one else talk about this stuff! As you might have noticed, my posts are well intended but mostly come out fragmented and flat. I’ve got so many things I want to say but just don’t have the brain space to articulate an good argument. I swear some of these permabloggers must be independently wealthy to be able to offer up such thoughtful discources in addition to all that life throws at us. The research some of these people do is astounding. In the end, I’m the kind of person that needs to put my whole heart and soul into something. I hate doing half jobs. So, with the arrival of a new baby and with school turning up the heat, its time to trim the fat. That means you Nine Moons. Thanks for all your insights and wisdom. Thanks for letting me be a part of this space.

New Permablogger Alert: Welcome Tom!

Rusty -

After years of lawsuits, negotiations and payouts, Tom and Nine Moons have agreed on a settlement in which both parties are mutually happy: Tom will be joining us as our newest permablogger. You are already familiar with his thoughtful insights both as a permablogger at Kulturblog and comments around the Bloggernacle. Welcome Tom!

Things Music Can Teach You

Susan M -

Has music ever taught you anything?

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