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Blood Sausage Yummmm!

Don - October 5, 2007

We were taken to dinner the other night by a salesperson and that got me thinking. (more…)

What Good is Prophecy?

Don - October 4, 2007

My brother and I were having an off blog discussion about Gospel Doctrine class–boring–and an “advanced” scripture study. His premise was all we really need is faith, repentence baptism, the H.G. and endure to the end, all the rest is just fluff.

So the scripture stories (Daniel, Joseph, Esther, Joshua etc.) are important because they give us nice examples of what we should do and be. But what about the prophecies? (more…)

Prejudice against Mormons

Susan M -

Have you ever encountered it?

My daugher recently invited her non-LDS friend to a church dance, and her friend’s mom said no. Because she doesn’t like Mormonism. I can understand not wanting your kids to attend a church activity in a religion you don’t agree with. But a dance is pretty harmless. Especially when you consider the standards the church expects the youth to uphold.

We had neighbors when my kids were small who wouldn’t let their kids play at our house. Because we were Mormon. They never told us that, but they told my niece, who was living with us at the time. I didn’t care much, I let my kids play at their house all the time (they were born again types). I remember they did let their daughter come over for my daughter’s birthday party. And I remember her dad coming into the house to get her, looking agitated, like he thought the devil was going to consume his soul at any moment.

I Am A (Renovation) Voyeur*

Rusty - October 1, 2007

Because I like to stay up all night looking at pictures on the internet tubes I figured I should confess to you, my online friends, that I created a site to indulge in my obsession. It’s called Renovation Voyeur (www.renovationvoyeur.com) where anyone can look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of home renovations. Readers are encouraged to comment and vote/rank the renovations. They are all from New York right now because that’s where my friends who have done renovations are from, but anyone from anywhere is encouraged to submit their own renovations.

In addition, there is a section of the site that has photos of architectural details (on the sidebar). They’re all from my neighborhood for now, but anyone can submit photos from their neighborhoods.

I hope you dig it, but if not that’s cool, I’ll still like you, just a little bit less.

*Of course this has nothing to do with the Gospel, so what’s your point?

Monday Mind Melt #1

Christian J -

From a talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland in the October 2001 General Conference:

After she lost her husband in the martyrdom at Nauvoo and made her way west with five fatherless children, Mary Fielding Smith continued in her poverty to pay tithing. When someone at the tithing office inappropriately suggested one day that she should not contribute a tenth of the only potatoes she had been able to raise that year, she cried out to the man, “William, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Would you deny me a blessing? If I did not pay my tithing, I should expect the Lord to withhold His blessings from me. I pay my tithing, not only because it is a law of God, but because I expect a blessing by doing it. [I need a blessing.] By keeping this and other laws, I expect to . . . be able to provide for my family.

Discuss…(yes I’m a copy-cat)

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