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Would God Make a Good Dad?

Don - November 29, 2007

We hear in many talks the comparison between being an earthly father and our Heavenly Father. How much we love our children but how much greater love God has for his children. I’m not disputing any of that….but would He make a good dad? (more…)

Don’t Cuss—You Could Change a Life

Tom - November 27, 2007

The other day I was playing racquetball with my racquetball buddy Bob and he made a good shot so I said, “Nice shot.” If you’ve ever been in a racquetball court you know that the acoustics make it difficult to understand even a little bit of what people are saying. So to Bob “shot” sounded like another four letter word and he said, “Did you just use an obscenity?” I reassured him that I didn’t cuss, I said “Nice shaaawt.” He said something ridiculous like “Oh, for a second there I thought our little Mormon was growing up.” (more…)

A Good Test Of Pride Level

Rusty - November 26, 2007

What are your immediate feelings when you hear of someone else’s good fortune? Happy for them? Bitter towards them? Sorry for yourself?

I’ve been asking myself this lately and I’ve noticed three things:
1) how often I hear of another’s good fortune.
2) how much my answer changes depending on the person.
3) how easy it is to turn it into being about me.

It is an ugly thing when we as humans can’t be happy for someone else because it’s not us.

Which Sins Do You Confess To The Bishop?

Don - November 24, 2007

I home teach a person who asked me this question.

I can remember when I was serving in the Bishopric and during a youth interview the young lady I was interviewing started to tell me about a situation she was in. I quickly stopped her, told her I wasn’t the one to talk to. Since it was a sin of morality I told her to talk to the Bishop.

But where is the line drawn? (more…)

Independent And Successful Single Women’s Biggest Problem Isn’t That They’re Independent or Successful

Rusty - November 19, 2007

I often hear women complain that single LDS men are “afraid” of independent, successful women. This reminds me of when I was in high school and thought that the only reason chicks didn’t dig me was because I had zits. I know, can you believe the shallowness of all those girls to overlook my otherwise perfect body, my dashing butt-cut hairstyle, my immaculate record of integrity (with a perfect measure of bad-assness), impeccably-timed humor, Jordan-like agility on the basketball court, genius intellect and Clooney-like confidence?

Damn zits. (more…)

I Love A Good Christ-Like Argument

Rusty - November 15, 2007

Let’s not pretend, we all know the difference between an “argument” and a “discussion” of the gospel. Only one of them involves listening. (more…)

What makes it different?

Lamonte - November 14, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I left HP Group meeting in disgust.  The lesson was taken from the teachings of President Kimball and it centered around chastity.  For us old codgers there was much of the usual talk about the addiction to pornography and the dangers of even the slightest involvement with it.  One HP group member who is serving in a high calling in the church actually broke into tears when talking about his friends who had succombed to the tempatations of pornography and whose marriage and family life was destroyed.  Certainly it was something to sadden us all.


The Unkindest Cut

D Christian Harrison - November 12, 2007

It’s not exactly like being stabbed by your best friend — but male circumcision isn’t far off.

Practiced for millennia among the children of Abraham as a religious rite, male circumcision is, today, wide-spread in the US as a pseudo-medical procedure. But it’s coming under renewed scrutiny as a rising generation begin to wonder what they’ve been missing (I, II, III). And while the issue is certainly divisive among lay-people, it’s also a point of contention among medical professionals.

For a recent take on the debate, check-out this Desperate Housewives clip.

The controversy isn’t new, of course… the apostle Paul had a run-in on the matter.

So. Here’s the question: if you had a son today, would you circumcise him? Is there a religious component to your decision — or is it merely medical or cosmetic? I’d especially like to hear from our non-US readers, who (if they circumcise), are likely a minority in their countries.

How Involved Is God?

Don - November 8, 2007

When God created this world He set things in motion. He seems to have known when certain spirits needed to be placed on this earth to accomplish specific missions. (does that only include only the important ones or does that include all of us…I don’t know) He obviously knew the details of His creation (more…)

CHI Tidbit I Want To Canonize: Part I

Rusty - November 7, 2007

“The home is the center for gospel learning and living. Sunday School is to support gospel teaching and learning in the home, not take its place.” Book 2, pg. 244

You Can’t Make a Deal With God

Don - November 6, 2007

Have you heard it in your testimoney meetings – where the person tell of their experience. They promised God that they would do something if He would help them thru something, or bless them with something etc. And they tell it as a very spiritual, faith promoting experience.

An Entirely Different Campaign

D Christian Harrison -

Today is Election Day in the US… but instead of calling you to action, or reminding you of the prophetic guidelines found in D&C 134, I’d like to discuss a campaign of an entirely different stripe: an advertising campaign — for the Church.

The campaign, entitled Truth Restored, is described thusly in a press release:

[The church,] known in the past 30 years for its cutting-edge public service ads on the family has now redefined ways to share its message in a major multimedia campaign.

In ads being run in three test areas throughout the United States, recent converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share their experiences unscripted and in their own words.

The campaign is decidedly different from the (effective) schmaltz of earlier campaigns. Its tenor and approach is documentary, and the players come from diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds (also in stark contrast to other campaigns).

Truth Restored Campaign Billboard

In this billboard (one of several) , the typography is definitely “mormon”, but the lighting and framing of the family is light and airy — very modern. And note the use of mormon.org.

The campaign also features a number of video spots that are optimized for both television viewing and web site embeds, à la YouTube (I, II).

This is an exciting new direction for the Church, and it’s great to see them capitalizing on the their experience with the web. But what are your thoughts? On their design, the concept, the campaign in general… Would you consider embedding one of these videos in your personal web site?

God is Only Just in the End

Don - November 1, 2007

I just figured it out. God’s blessings come when He decides and many times that’s at the end — and I don’t mean the end of the trial — I mean THE end. (more…)