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Poll: How Did You Hear About President Hinckley’s Passing?

Rusty - January 30, 2008

“I Want You To Burn Out, Not Fade Away.”

Rusty - January 28, 2008

Last night when I found out about the passing of President Hinckley my response was more emotional than I had anticipated. My wife and I sat on our couch tearfully discussing our experiences and feelings for our sweet prophet. I told my wife that he was my prophet. I gained my testimony before he was sustained, but it was during his term that I solidified it.

I, like Seth, have little to add that our community hasn’t already so I will share a sweet anecdote: (more…)

Come Let Us Anew

Seth - January 27, 2008

We bloggers have lost our prophet. (more…)

How to be a cool Mormon

Susan M - January 25, 2008

Since I’m apparently an expert (perhaps), here’s my advice:

  1. Listen to music only bored suburban 14yos with personality disorders would listen to, and be vocal about it.
  2. Go to lots of bars. Not to drink or socialize, but to see bands only bored suburban 14…wait, they can’t go to bars. To see bands only 21 yo scenesters or 40 yo unshaven men who still wear Black Sabbath t-shirts would go see.
  3. It helps if you have an auditory processing disorder, slight obsessive compulsive disorder, and other autistic traits.
  4. Take lots of pictures. Post them all over the internet.
  5. Disagree with just about any opinion anyone has, constantly.
  6. Never take yourself seriously.


Ok, What’s the Difference Between the Pre-Mortal Existence and Earth Life?

Don - January 23, 2008

I realize the obvious answer – mortal body – test by faith because of the veil. But there are so many similar things going on I found it interesting to ponder.


Mormon Calling Cards

Rusty - January 17, 2008

While not embarrassed by the fact that I watch American Idol, I was a little embarrassed by the Mormon girl who auditioned at the end of Tuesday’s episode. Of course she didn’t say she was Mormon but the following were revealed throughout the 4-5 minutes the show devoted to her: (more…)

The Numbers Game

Seth -

“but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine and I know them.” (Moses 1:35)

If you’ve spent any amount of time dealing with the Disaffected Mormon Underground (DAMU), you’ll know that a favorite old chestnut of conversation is disputing the membership numbers of the LDS Church. Most of us have had the distinctly Mormon pleasure of listening to some old guy drone on at the pulpit in General Conference about the Church’s growth numbers for the year. We’ve also heard the breathless reports of “the fastest growing religion” and how there are more Mormons outside the US and Canada now – proving the international character of our faith. Some of we faithful aren’t shy about strutting a bit over this either. You’ll hear members proudly (and sometimes even smugly) declaring how the rapid growth just goes to show that this truly is God’s chosen Church. Even President Hinckley and others seem to take a great deal of pleasure in these figures (and why shouldn’t they?). (more…)

As a convert, I can tell you…

Susan M - January 13, 2008

…recognizing the truthfulness of the gospel is easy.

It’s living it that’s hard.

And enduring to the end? That’s the kicker.

Pictures and a Walt Whitman poem

Susan M - January 7, 2008

What is the grass?


A Question For Those Who Don’t Believe A Loving God Could Allow Atrocities

Rusty - January 6, 2008

Where should a Loving God stop short? (more…)

Is Your Job In Jeopardy?

Don - January 3, 2008

Bret and I were talking about employment during the Millenium. Since he’s a teacher he thinks he’s got a pretty secure job, maybe not now, but at least for 1,000 years during the Millenium. I guess I’m not too worried either. I’ve owned many many different businesses, so as long as there are businesses during the Millenium I’ll be ok too. (more…)