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What is Your Goal?

MCQ - September 30, 2008

We are a goal-oriented people.  Personally, I like setting goals and writing them down.  I think it’s an exercise that shows we’re progressing (or not) in our lives.  It shows that we believe in eternal progression and repentance and we’re actually living in a way that demonstrates faith in those principles.  Nothing gripes me more than those who deny the possibility that people can change.  I will admit that often, people choose not to take the hard road that ends in real change.  But we cannot, as members of our Church ever deny that the power exists in each one of us, through the atonement, to change and become better.  This is, in point of fact, the primary purpose of the Church itself. (more…)

If God Were a Woman…

David - September 29, 2008

I’d definitely be going to hell, but I won’t know why.

How about your thoughts?

If God were a woman…


Follow The Prophet & Uncomfortable Propositions

Velska -

I bet you think I’m going to write about Prop. 8? If at all that should come up tangentially at best (worst). I was going to write about repentance, but with the General Conference coming next weekend, I have been thinking about following the prophet. I’ll get back to repentance later. (more…)

Graceful Faith, Willful Works &c

Velska - September 26, 2008

My wife and I have 5 kids. Our daughter (one of them, not the one who has a 5-month-old son) is serving a mission in England now and despite being busy she writes faithfully enough. As she was growing up, we would have discussions around the dinner table during long dinners, family home evenings and any other time the family was together. We talked about everything. So it’s natural that she’s telling us about things. (more…)

New Guest Blogger: Velska

Rusty -

Welcome Velska!

New Permas: MCQ & David T.

Rusty -


If you don’t know them by now, you will never, never, never know them. Whooooa.

My Dad, the Family Apocrypha

David - September 23, 2008

Not long ago I read the entertaining memoir/biography of Hugh Nibley, Sergeant Nibley, Ph.D: Memoir of an Unlikely Screaming Eagle, covering his years in the service during World War II. A particular pleasure for me was that it was co-written by his son, Alex, whom I home taught while attending the U. of U. When I knew him, Alex would sometimes share interesting anecdotes about his father and family life, and spoke of animated, esoteric converations at their dinner table. In the memoir Alex interjects here and there, adding historical background to events his father recalls, giving each story a little extra scope. I envy the collaboration they shared, and I wonder how much Alex discovered about his dad that he didn’t know before. (more…)

A Mormon Wedding

Christian J - September 15, 2008

Monday September 15, 2003

8:39am - Man receives a phone call from a worker at the Washington D.C. Temple. The worker claims that the wedding ceremony planned for Saturday the 20th must be moved to one of three days (the 15th!, the 16th or the 17th) because of the fast approaching hurricane Isabel. The worker explains that they don’t know for sure if the hurricane will have passed by then – and don’t want to take any chances. Man agrees to call back with an answer… (more…)

The Email Forward Has Convinced Me. Too Bad I Don’t Live In California

Rusty -

So I’m trying to figure out how to tell friends and family that my wife and I don’t want to receive any more email forwards of a political nature (or dumb joke nature for that matter). It’s not that I don’t agree with some of the conservative principles of which they espouse, rather it’s the tone and tenor in which they are usually expressed in said emails. But in the meantime, there was one that has been passed on to me by two different people (and I’m sure many of you) that bugs me because it makes a bunch of claims without a single shred of evidence to back them up. That lack of evidence notwithstanding, legal ramifications and their impact on the Church are the only hesitations I have on the Prop 8 matter (I don’t really care if Joe and Beau get married).

So read the following forward and then I have some questions: (more…)

Families are Forever… For Now

David - September 12, 2008

A friend– a former bishop and the son of a former temple president– once shared something with me that his father suggested to him, and I still mull over it. He said:

An International Church Indeed

Christian J - September 9, 2008

With General Conference in sight, I am reminded of the recent group of newly called Apostles. With the last four, I enjoyed watching the related introductory press conferences on byu.tv. One question that came up with the most recent two was related to their relative Utah –ness or American – ness. In fact, with Elder Cook, I found Elder Eyring defending his non -Utah-ness by pointing to his many adult years in California. So, apparently it’s a fair question. Indeed it seems that more than one member of the church is pining for some International flavor in the FP and Q12. And while I fully sustain whoever is called with listening ears and an open heart – I admit having thoughts similar to these. (more…)

Proof That Amri Brown Is Wrong

Rusty - September 8, 2008

For once I get to prove that one of those intellectuals at BCC is wrong. Our leaders are not out of touch. (more…)

I Would Join The Republicans If They Didn’t Make Me Puke

Christian J - September 4, 2008

I was considering posting this at that other blog but you know, this one needs some help. I’ve been enjoying the RNC this week (comically) and a question kept popping in my head. What happened to this Grand Old Party? (more…)

Which Unpublished Drafts Should We Pressure the Nine Moons Writers To Publish?

Rusty - September 2, 2008


Giving Up the Ghost

David - September 1, 2008

The Christmas tree attacked Elder Evertsen.

I kid you not. There he was, Elder Evertsen kneeling in the living room in his underwear, saying his nightly prayers, when suddenly he heard a harsh shuka-shuka kind of rustling. Looking up, he watched in horror as his Christmas tree– heavily adorned with tinsel & bulbs– came whipping down, trying to assault him. The startled elder jumped backward and ran out of the room, stopping briefly in the hallway to look back at the maniacal faux Tannenbaum angrily shaking in its stand. Evertsen called his companion and they phoned their zone leaders and the local ward’s bishop, all who arrived at the apartment within minutes. After some discussion, the bishop blessed the house, ridding it of whatever was there, and thereafter they never had another disturbance.