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What will you ask God when you die?

Susan M - November 30, 2008

My 14 year old son asked me this question today after church.

Counting Flowers on the Wall

David - November 25, 2008

I want to apologize ahead of time for this entry. I was carried away with schmaltz and hate myself for it. Nevertheless, I’m still putting it out there because… well… I need to. You have been warned. (more…)

Speaking of gross generalizations…

Mo Mommy - November 24, 2008

Why are we, as a people, so prone to being mean? Do we fail to see the difference between righteous judgment and just being self-righteous? (more…)

Concealing Mormonism

Christian J - November 17, 2008


Through a glass, darkly: A photo essay

Susan M - November 14, 2008

OK, so maybe it’s more just some random photos than an essay. :) (more…)

I Just Heard A Hilarious Joke About Prop 8

Rusty - November 11, 2008

…because, you know, Mormons have lots of wives!

Get it?!!?

(I promise it was hilariouser the first 4,594 times I heard it. Blame it on my delivery.)

So, that Emma Smith was something huh?

Mo Mommy - November 9, 2008

Every now and then I see a surge in people talking about Emma and her life, groups of women connecting with the Church’s past by connecting with the prophet’s wife. But for the most part she’s supporting cast, a footnote in the life of Joseph. I’ve wondered how she sat to the side and watched her husband leave their family so often during the founding and growth of the church. He was often traveling to spread the Gospel, and he was repeatedly jailed. Yet there she was, birthing children, raising children, and grieving over the loss of children, alone. On top of that she probably had people knocking on the door all the time, wondering when, exactly, was the prophet going to return?

Though my circumstances are altogether different, they are still very similar. My husband is far away and unable to return home. I was pregnant during a previous deployment, and I am now attempting to raise my children by myself. I have bouts of immense loneliness, and trials that must be uniquely designed to be of the utmost difficulty to me alone. I sometimes wonder where I stand in the pecking order of my husband’s priorities, and I will even confess to a little bitterness now and again. Communication is often sparse and there is a constant underlying fear for his safety, the elephant in the room that everyone avoids. As a soldier’s wife I am frequently reminded that his mission is not a popular one. His motives and intelligence have been questioned, which is frustrating for the spouse of a man so filled with honor, integrity, and principle. (more…)

Hindsight: A Reason to Be Thankful Romney Wasn’t a Candidate

Seth - November 5, 2008

With the Presidential campaign over, Obama victorious, and McCain graciously bowing out of the public spotlight, I find myself looking back on what has been a very long, very tiring, but very interesting election cycle. For Mormons, it’s been quite a ride for two reasons: Mitt Romney, and Proposition 8. Both topics have been talked about ad nauseum on the bloggernacle. But linking the two topics together, I think we Mormons can thank our lucky stars that Romney DIDN’T make it out of the GOP primaries. (more…)

A Mormon and Evangelical Dialogue in Denver: A Summary

Seth - November 3, 2008

Living out in Colorado, I don’t get to attend too many Mormonism-related events. But the last couple months have been pretty good out here. First, I was able to attend a screening of “Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons” (more on that in another post), and just last week, Regis University in Denver held a Mormon-Evangelical dialogue between Mormon Dr. Robert Millett and Evangelical Rev. Gregory Johnson through its Institute of the Common Good. Having just read the book they co-authored – “Bridging the Divide,” I jumped at the chance. (more…)

Presidential Issues You Can’t Get Me To Care About

Rusty -

- Obama or Palin’s lack of experience
- Nitpicky senate voting records (all senators compromise, that’s the name of the game)
- Their stance on abortion
- Their stance on gay marriage
- If they are anything like me
- How many houses they have
- Flag pins
- Middle names
- Their race
- Their sex
- Their age
- Whether or not they originally supported the war in Iraq
- Preconditions
- Pork
- Media bias
- Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright
- Palin’s wardrobe cost
- Palin’s pregnant daughter
- Palin’s accent/winking
- Biden’s gaffes

I’m sure there are more that I will think of later.

A Hard Doctrine

David -

Neal A. Maxwell is on my list of Top Five Favorite General Authorities. He was an intelligent, witty and spiritual man, and when he spoke, he would go straight to the heart of the subject. This weekend I came across a talk he gave at BYU in 1978 entitled,Meeting the Challenges of Today.” A portion of the address really stuck out for me– the irony 30 years later is unmistakable. Here is an excerpt:

Discipleship includes good citizenship; and in this connection, if you are careful students of the statements of the modern prophets, you will have noticed that with rare exceptions–especially when the First Presidency has spoken out–the concerns expressed have been over moral issues, not issues between political parties. The declarations are about principles, not people, and causes, not candidates. On occasions, at other levels in the Church, a few have not been so discreet, so wise, or so inspired. (more…)


Susan M -

Is my ward the only one that seems to just barely mumble “amen”?