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“The Mission Field” (ouch!)

Christian J - May 18, 2009

I heard it again yesterday: Someone referring to the world outside of the Mormon West as “the mission field”. The problem this time was that the individual using the phrase was someone I have deep love and respect for. I’m starting to wonder if I’m over-reacting. (more…)

Losing Blaise

MCQ - May 13, 2009

He gets a little weaker every day.  The 100 pound dog that knocked visitors down in the entry hall and jumped up on the bed every night to tuck my daughter in is only a memory, no more visible than the wiggly puppy whose tail wagged his whole body.  To say he is a good dog would be a terrible injustice.  He is quite simply a deeply loved family member.  What higher praise can you give a dog?  (more…)

The Ethical Implications of Gambling as a Time Traveler

Rusty - May 8, 2009

The latest episode of Lost raises an interesting ethical question for time travelers who gamble. Upon entering the submarine to go back to the mainland in 1977 Sawyer suggests that he and Juliet would buy Microsoft stock and bet on the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. They were from the year 2007 so they knew the outcomes of those “gambles” (as did Biff know the outcome of sporting events in Back to the Future II). As long as they were sure that their betting on those events wouldn’t alter the events themselves, they could be sure to profit substantially from their bet. Removing risk. One of time traveling’s biggest perks. (more…)

Questionable Question Series: Round 1

Rusty - May 5, 2009

Do pro-choice vegans eat eggs?

This is a companion series to the “Awkward Question” series found here, here and here.

Male Bonding

Seth - May 3, 2009

Sometimes I think we overdo this “family” thing. (more…)


Rusty - May 1, 2009

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