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Lamonte - June 26, 2009

In this morning’s Washington Post Sally Quinn contributes an essay that is critical of politicians who have admitted their adulterous actions and then, in one way or another, invoked their Christian beliefs as a means of gaining sympathy and forgiveness.



Fool-proof Proof of God

Rusty - June 22, 2009

To witness what event would have the greatest capacity to convince an atheist of the existence of God? Why?

My inclination is the think either the Resurrection or the First Vision, but I can’t decide which of them would be more convincing. The Resurrection has the tangible evidence of Christ’s un-dead body, but lacks a provable connection to God. The First Vision is compelling as an event, but could easily be chalked up to self-delusion, also lacking in tangible evidence when it’s over.

Am I missing a more obvious event?

I Littered On My Mission

Rusty - June 18, 2009

As they say, when in Guatemala, do as the Guatemalans do…

I also: (more…)

Non-Members at the Wedding and a Fair Deal

Seth - June 17, 2009

If you’ve been hanging around the Mormon online community a while, you know that non-member family members at an LDS wedding is a sore spot. (more…)


D Christian Harrison -

Father’s Day — in the US, at least — is quickly approaching. So it’s somehow appropriate that I’ve got a hankering to talk about men. Nothing salacious, mind you … just a post on the enigmatic state of being a guy today.


I See Dead People

MCQ - June 10, 2009

I’ve noticed a trend lately.  I don’t know how long it’s been going on, but it seems that a popular plot device in many TV shows and movies involves visions or visitations of dead friends, relatives or strangers.  (more…)

Finding optimism

Lamonte - June 4, 2009

I work for General Services Administration, the government’s landlord and holder of the world’s largest real estate portfolio.  With such a lofty position and title you’d think we would be housed in wonderful facilities.  But you would be wrong. (more…)