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“Why Don’t I see any Crosses?”: 5 Good Answers, 5 Bad

Christian J - July 30, 2009

Just when you think a dead horse has been thoroughly beaten, someone opens their mouth. Its time to put this issue to rest. (more…)

Brother Number 5!

Guest -

Submitted by Russell Arben Fox

Rusty Clifton is mostly an unknown quantity to me. He lives in New York, as I understand it. Moreover, as I’ve learned from various Law and Order episodes, everyone in New York City is or has been at one time subject to the jurisdiction of the New York City Criminal Court, so I assume he’s some sort of convicted felon, or at least doing community service. He started Nine Moons five years ago, basically to demonstrate his awesome designing skills, and to provide a home for Mormon bloggers who chose to resist the twin black holes of the Bloggernacle, Times and Seasons and By Common Consent. (Feminist Mormon Housewives? Oh yeah, that’s that OTHER big Bloggernacle blog.) Let’s see, anything more? He’s from Spokane, and his family and mine were in the same ward for quite a few years, and I was his father’s Aaronic priesthood home teaching companion for a good long while, from which I learned several ways to kick some serious butt in games of Time Pilot or Joust. (I tried to interest Father Don in Q-bert, but to no avail. Where have you gone, Brother Don?) Is that everything? Oh wait, I remember! Rusty was best friends with my little brother Jesse Kirkham Fox while they were growing up. That’s something can talk about. (more…)

5 Popular Doctrinal Ideas That Probably Should Be Dumped

Guest - July 29, 2009

Submitted by Geoff Johnston

1. God exhaustively knows the future.

Unless you are ready to embrace fatalism dump this one immediately. And don’t spout some nonsense about why a fixed future and real free will are compatible. They aren’t.

2. Our spirits gestated in the womb of a resurrected celestial woman.

Look, you can believe this one but it means spirits have a beginning and Joseph Smith clearly taught that spirits have no beginning. It takes way too many mental gymnastics to avoid that contradiction. Besides, since when did resurrected persons with physical bodies bear children with no physical bodies? (more…)

5 Years in the Life of Wilford

Guest - July 28, 2009

Submitted by Jonathan Stapley

Wilford Woodruff kept an incredible diary — a treasure of the Restoration. [1] Really. He also had the delightful habit of making a summary of each year. I’ve taken summaries from five years of his life, each from a different period of the Church. Sometimes these summaries are in table format, others in narrative. What follows are an approximate representation…and sometimes there are some fun nuggets nestled in the texts, so read carefully: (more…)

5 Minutes, 9 Friends

Guest - July 27, 2009

Submitted By Kristine Haglund

In 2004, I had a LOT of little kids. Well, only three, but it felt like a lot, mostly because the third one was born not quite 44 months after the first one, and none of them ever slept all night. Ever. The smart conversations, black clothes (because, well, baby snot and spit-up show more on black), and 3-book-a-day habits of grad school were a distant memory (or would have been, if my memory wasn’t completely shot). My life had exploded into 5 minute bits–5 minutes of entertaining a 3-year-old, 5 minutes of changing a diaper, 5 minutes trying to breastfeed an infant hanging on for dear life while I tried to keep his siblings from killing or maiming themselves, 5 minutes trying to clean one surface in the house before 9 more got dirty… (more…)


Guest - July 24, 2009

Submitted by FMHLisa

I have five little fingers on one little hand,
I have six on the other, I don’t understand.
During all the long hours till daylight is through,
There is one little finger with nothing to do.

Heh, a little fun from my primary days.

So five huh? Let’s go stream of consciousness shall we? (more…)

5 Is The Loneliest Number

Guest - July 22, 2009

Submitted by Steve Evans

I’ve been involved with (at least) 5 blogs so far. I am a blogwhore, which is like a crackwhore except that it’s blogs, not crack. To say that blogs are like crack is an insult to crackwhores. And so, in honor of 5 years of Nine Moons, I offer this post, a long meandering piece of introspective crap.

When I take a look at the various ways I’ve blogged and been a part of the Nine Moons Mormon Blogosphere (TM) over the years, I’d like to say that I see some sort of progression or personal development, but no; I am a blogwhore, going from fix to fix like Bubbles on The Wire (with albeit fewer facial lesions). So don’t confuse my post with Ronan’s – I have no deeper wisdom to share, unlike that cunning Brit. Still, walk with me, old friends, and reminisce of times of old somewhat recent years, as I think about how and why I became an internet Mormon, and how Nine Moons has been along at every step. (more…)

5 Brothers

Guest - July 21, 2009

Submitted by Amri (written when she was 5)

One, two, three, four, five. That’s how old I am. Five. It’s as many fingers as I have on my whole hand. My brothers are one, two, three, four, five. They wear pants that keep their fat legs neatly separated from each other, and they never ever wear their shirts when they play outside. People admire their mini muscles and their macho-man flexing. Dad lets them tinker with tools in the yard and Mom never gets after them to use toilet paper when they pee. One, two, three, four, five of them get to do whatever they want. There is only one of me. Just one. I sit at church locked in my tall tower of lace and frills and my legs stick together under the mass of heat and itchiness. One day they’ll probably melt into one gigantic leg, and then Mom’ll be sorry. I try to sneak pants on underneath, but Mom always figures me out and makes me take them off. I hate church! (more…)

The 5 Stages of My Mormon Blogging

Guest - July 20, 2009

Posted by Ronan

Stage One
First ever Bloggernacle comment at Times and Seasons, 18th October, 2004. Earnest, and now slightly embarrassing, comment full of exclamation points. People respond! Argument with John Fowles ensues. Times and Seasons, where have you been all my life? (more…)

5 Generations of Owens Missionary Work: From India to Brazil (Part 1 of at least 1)

Tom - July 19, 2009

A saintly aunt of mine spent years putting together a family history book entitled, Oh Joy: The Legacy of Joseph Alma Owens and Alice Elvaretta Harris (my paternal grandarents), that contains short biographies of many of my ancestors.  It also has short autobiographies of all of my 51 cousins and our parents.  Looking through it a few months back I was surprised to learn that my great-great grandfather, Robert Owens, was among the first LDS missionaries in India, then known as Hindustan.  I was probably told many times throughout my life about this mission but I had forgotten.  I also found an interesting letter from my great grandmother, Mary Ann Edgely, that impressed me as an amazing example of faithful missionary service.  I was proud to realize that my family has been engaged in the work of building the kingdom for five generations.  Here are some brief accounts of the missionary work of five generations of my direct ancestors on my father’s side. (more…)

5 Years, 9 Moons

Rusty - July 14, 2009

It was 5 years ago this month that I discovered the Bloggernacle and started Nine Moons. I began writing a long post meandering through this blog’s history but fell asleep thinking about it so instead I am going to only say two things:

1) Yay us! We made it 5 years without going inactive, being exposed as a fake blog, fading away, storming off in a huff, selling out to The Man (BCC/T&S), being shut down by Salt Lake, losing our URL, or becoming a member of the DAMU. If that’s not a smashing success then I don’t know what is.

2) The rest of this month will be filled with more posts by me and my fellow permabloggers and other Bloggernaclites posting on the number 5. And no, they’re not going to just be a bunch of Top 5 lists. Unless they are. I don’t know.