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When Friends Leave

Rusty - August 24, 2009

Living in Park Slope, Brooklyn comes with many perks: Prospect Park; living in the city but not of the city; amazing brownstone architecture; close-knit community; access to wondrous cheeses; diversity; the prodigious Park Slope Ward; summer concert series in the park; the pervading family culture; best restaurants ever; etc. But more than anything else here it is our friends we love the most.

Our first place in Brooklyn was an enormous 1,000 sq./ft. loft in the industrial, non-residential section of Sunset Park (romantic and Brooklyn-y, right?). Well, the romance faded within a week after our third 4:00AM wakeup to men brawling and cops breaking them up across the street at the Sweet Cherry (if you’re thinking pie shop, you’re way off). That third night, when guys were banging a bat on the door to the fine entertainment establishment, was when Sara decided enough was enough. Though, now that I think about it, her decision was probably made a couple days earlier when the bus driver that picked her up tried to actually “pick her up” by mentioning the heat her thighs were giving off. Or something. (more…)

Girl Cooties

D Christian Harrison - August 23, 2009

I’ve not been to a Mormon singles event in years. Until last night …


Thoughts From Sunstone 2009

MCQ - August 17, 2009

I usually try to make it to at least a few of the offerings at Sunstone each year, especially anything having to do with the bloggernacle or which is being presented by someone I know.  This year I particularly enjoyed a panel discussion about overcoming stereotypes through blogging.  It had a really great panel of bloggers from Exponent and fMh, Including Lisa and mfranti, and Cheryl (Bored in Vernal) from Hieing to Kolob.  Kevin Barney was the chair and gave some great off-the-cuff remarks at the end regarding his history with the nacle and the stereotypes he has dealt with during that time period.  My favorite part of his remarks was when he said he was leery of blogging at BCC at first because he always thought of BCC as “the apostate blog.”  I laughed out loud at the thought of Kevin as a Mormon conservative type looking down his nose at what he perceived to be the wild-eyed bomb-throwers of BCC. (more…)

5 Other Places

D Christian Harrison - August 10, 2009

While I love Nine Moons (and even visit By Common Consent and Times & Seasons, from time to time), I must admit that my life online doesn’t revolve around the Bloggernacle™. In fact, of the eight or so hours a day I spend online (work, mostly), I’d say only a few precious moments each morning are spent among the saints. What, pray tell, could possibly tempt me away from the iron-alloy rod? Well … lemme tell you.


5 Days

MCQ - August 9, 2009

1.  On a sunny day in May, I’m moving office furniture and computers and artwork into my new office with my friends and partners.  This is without a doubt the best office I have ever had:  two minutes from home, in a beautiful building with hardwood floors, TVs in every room, a sub zero in the kitchen and a barbecue with a wedding-reception-worthy duckpond out back.  More importantly, I’m in this office with people I have always wanted to work with.  Now if we can just make enough money to keep up on the rent…  (more…)

Joseph and the Amazing Misunderstood Pentagram

Seth - August 6, 2009

Back when the Nauvoo temple was rebuilt, many of Mormonism’s critics were delighted to note that it kept a lot of the original “occult” symbolism on the temple exterior. The sunstone is well known, but also featuring on the exterior stonework are a series of pentagrams. You can see similar symbology on the Salt Lake Temple exterior. A few dedicated LDS critics are quick to point out (in addition to general swipes at Freemason symbols) that the pentagram is the symbol of the devil.

After which, I’m sure they run off to Evangelical book clubs where they discuss their plans to petition the removal of Harry Potter from the local school library. (more…)

5 Questions After 5 Years – From A Longtime ‘Nacle Wannabe

Guest -

Submitted by John Dehlin

Most of you won’t know me. I used to blog/podcast back in the day, but was never really part of the official Bloggernacle community (as defined by those invested in the term). I was (and am) a ‘Nacle Wannabe. :) (more…)

The 5 People You Meet In The Bloggernacle

Guest - August 3, 2009

Submitted by Kaimi

Five people I wish were still blogging with me:

1. Kristine. I don’t know that T&S has ever fully recovered from the day she left. For me, it was the first sign that the honeymoon was over. The bloggernacle had energetic people and strong personalities, and sometimes some people didn’t all fit together.

2. Jim. (more…)

Five hopeful things.

Susan M - August 1, 2009

Mostly non-Mormon things. And some are weird (or unexpected), too.

Reading Past the 5 Books of Moses

Guest -

Submitted by Daniel Bartholomew, aka Danithew

Congrats to Nine Moons for being around for five years! I have always felt that Nine Moons has something special going on and Rusty & Co. are showing us all how to do it. I also want to thank Rusty for influencing my thinking a little, as writing this guest post has gotten me to ponder a little bit more the significance of anniversaries, blogging (as a form of record keeping) and the connection these events/activities have with landmark events in our lives – which (warning) means you are about to be treated to some awful navel-gazing. But isn’t that what blogging is all about? (more…)