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University of Utah Football – A Celebration. UPDATE: There’s more than one reason to wear black

MCQ - October 26, 2010



There has been an astonishing dearth in the bloggernacle over the years. Not a dearth of bread or of water, but of hearing about the School of the Prophets. That shining institution set on the hill in Salt Lake City, which our beloved prophets founded and attended, and which has distinguished itself so well lately in the magnificent game of football.  I speak, of course, of the University of Utah, and its football team. (more…)

Departing the Text: Changes to Elder Packer’s Conference Talk – UPDATED

MCQ - October 7, 2010

As I thought might happen, the text version of Elder Packer’s controversial talk from conference was changed from the spoken version.  There are two (in my view) very important changes made to the text at the most controversial passage of the talk.  I want to discuss what the changes mean, whether you think they went too far or not far enough, and any other thoughts you might have about the changes. 

UPDATE: The full transcript, with changes shown, is available at Mormons for Marriage. HT: Heather.

Here are the two versions of the talk:


Favorite Conference Talks – President Henry B. Eyring

MCQ - October 4, 2010

This talk was given in the priesthood session and is a simple talk, as great ones often are. Eyring is a perennial favorite of mine, along with the obvious ones like Holland and Uchtdorf.

I loved this talk more because of the feeling I had at the end, rather than any particular thing that was said, but it seemed to me to give a glimpse of so many things that I love about the gospel, especially because, when we talk about the gospel as designed for our happiness, we aren’t talking about just a happiness in the eternal world, or an abstract concept of happiness, we’re talking about real honest happiness and basic cheerfulness that can be a real part of our everyday lives right now, and by which we can bless the lives of others.