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Is There A Way to be Comfortable with Missionary Work?

MCQ - January 28, 2011

This Sunday, I’m teaching a Sunday School class which is a special course geared toward teaching members to be better missionaries.  I’m teaching this class as part of my calling as a ward missionary.  The class is a four-week course and this week is the second week in the course.  The title of the lesson is: “Finding Comfortable Ways to Share the Gospel.”

So maybe you can see my dilemma. (more…)

Mormon Music I’ll Actually Listen To

Rusty - January 12, 2011

Some folks loooove the hymns. I don’t. I’ve always appreciated and enjoyed singing them in church, but I’ve never considered them very good for listening. Like, I’ll never put them on my iPod. Sure, they’re nice to sing while I’m wrangling my 2-year old in the pew, and even better when someone prepares a special musical number. But even then, they’re just a little too…I don’t know, serious? Righteous? Of course, I’ve never had any other expectation. I mean, we’re a bunch of God-worshipping lay-singers with “serious-face”, how else am I supposed to sing them? (more…)

New Year! Get Something Going!

MCQ - January 3, 2011

I like this post over at Mormon Mentality, and thought we should follow up here by making our own lists.  I like setting goals this time of year, and I agree with a lot of ESO’s goals.  I’m not going to lay out clothes the night before (cuz that just ain’t me), and I’m not going to do sign language (I would suck) or learn primary songs (my kids are teens) or go to relief society (I’m a dude), but other than those things, I’m adopting her list right here and now. 

In addition, I hereby resolve that in 2011 I will:

1. Increase my income.

2. Learn a new song on my guitar.

3. Run a marathon in under 4 hours.

4. Climb Kings Peak.

5. Complete a triathon.

Join me sluggards!