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Cover those legs or someone might get hurt

mfranti - July 21, 2011

Here’s something that gets my feminist hackles up:

Jasmijn Rijcken, 31, a bike company general manager from the Netherlands, found this out early last month while she was visiting NYC for the New Amsterdam Bike Show. While riding a bike around town, she encountered a New York Police Department officer who stopped her and told her that her legs—which were not entirely covered by her skirt, for some reason—were “distracting the cars.” This made her exposed limbs a source of danger to everyone in the immediate area, and probably also the city.

As a woman and cyclist,  my safty and life are my priority when I’m pedaling down 200 South to the post office, and not how much skin is exposed under my skirt and how it might affect the men types.

Thanks to this officer, we have another another example of how dangerous women’s bodies are to the men around them.

I have to say that if it makes women more visible to motorists to have a little leg meat exposed…I’m all for it.

Safety first!


A Good Reason to Hate Feminism

Rusty - July 5, 2011

Whether or not the feminist movement is responsible for limiting my access to my wife’s accounts, I’m going to blame them anyway. Yes, you are individuals who aren’t lorded over by your husband, I get it. But you know what, my wife is a little busy right now and needs me to update her account but because of your stupid little quest for equality you’ve made both of our lives worse. There’s a reason she asked me to take care of it and it’s not because she wants to schlepp two kids into the city and take care of it herself. Or get on the phone to “give permission” that I make changes to our JOINT ACCOUNT!

Hey feminists, if you would have stopped at the gender pay gap, we’d still be cool. But this is ridiculous.

Summer Poetry Slam

MCQ - July 2, 2011

Give us your summer-themed (or not) poems. Bonus points if they are also Mormon-themed. Any format works. Just go for it.

Pink ruffled faces
stand silent in cool water
reflecting on sin.