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5 Things I Never Did In Brooklyn

Rusty - November 30, 2011

Being that we are moving tomorrow from Brooklyn, our home of almost 9 years, to New Jersey (Montclair), I figured I’d note a few things I never did while living here.

1) Join the Park Slope Co-op: It’s an institution here, one in which you can earn your urban/progressive/sustainability/organic/communitarian-street cred and show how truly “Brooklyn” you are. Why not me? Meh, who cares.

2) Eat at Peter Luger: This one is disappointing. New Jersey isn’t that far away so maybe Sara and I will make a trip back to hit up the legendary steak house with some friends.

3) Ride the Cyclone in Coney Island: I’m not going to feel too bad about this one because I don’t ride roller coasters anyway. Been there a bunch of times, just never rode it, never wanted to.

4) Participate in a drive-by: Neither as a victim nor a perp. Actually, I’ve never felt unsafe in Brooklyn, in any neighborhood.

5) Governor’s Island: There was always something happening there in the Summer, I just never got around taking the short ferry ride.

To tell you the truth, this list was actually really difficult to put together, it was nice to realize we actually have done pretty much everything we ever wanted to do here. Brooklyn is amazing, though I’ll leave all the sentimental stuff for another post.

AZ Mormons – Calling my Bluff

Christian J - November 10, 2011

I’m wondering what the recent election in AZ says about the political power of the LDS Church. As a political liberal, its good news to hear that AZ Mormon Republicans have bucked the party line in favor of what I believe are more reasonable and compassionate solutions to immigration. BUT, I don’t believe its a coincidence that the AZ Mormon shift was preceded by recent legislation in Utah (heavily influenced by the LDS church). (more…)