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Rumor Has It

MCQ - March 30, 2012

I checked out the conference at UVU today (Joanna Brooks! Ardis Parshall! Kristine Haglund doing interpretive dance!) and met up with Kristine and Ardis and we decided that we couldn’t live without a Bloggersnacker in SLC this weekend. The time is following the last session of conference and the location is the Peery Hotel in downtown SLC. Other details have yet to be determined, but there are rumors that the esteemed Ronan Head (or some other large british head) will be in town and we will make every effort, including actual kidnapping, to ensure his attendance. Also, Kristine has graciously agreed to perform her now-famous rendition of ABBA’s classic “Dancing Queen.” Good times will be had. Autographs will be available. Email me if you want the deets: MarkCQuinn at Q dot com.

Kony 2012

MCQ - March 7, 2012

The Conservative Case For Marriage Equality

MCQ - March 6, 2012

This article is perhaps the most sensible thing anyone has said about same-sex marriage that I have ever read. Here’s the money quote:

[T]rue conservatives should welcome gay marriage. For its increasing acceptance across civilised countries represents not the making gay of marriage but the making conservative of gays. The desire of an increasing number of gay men and women to have their stable and lifelong relationships recognised equally by family, friends and society as a whole demonstrates the respect of individuals within, and towards, an important institution.

That’s exactly how I feel. It seems to me that, instead of arguing against SSM because it will somehow destroy the institution of marriage (which is perhaps the most unfounded argument against SSM), conservatives should be welcoming these people into the fold as potential saviors of the institution. After all, shouldn’t we be glad that there are people who desperately want to be in life-long committed relationships? There are certainly enough heterosexuals who seem not to want that, and show it by their behavior. If homosexuals want to marry, that says good things about them which ought to be rewarded, not dismissed.

How Far We Have To Go

MCQ - March 4, 2012

I’ve been largely ignoring the fuss over the racial comments made by Professor Bott at BYU in a recent Washington Post piece, in part because there have been a lot of good things said by lots of others (whom I applaud and with whom I’d rather not compete) and also because I generally consider the statements made by Bott to be outdated, vestigial, and of only archeological significance. They demonstrate that everyone is not on the same page yet, but they surely don’t represent the mainstream of thought on such issues among the majority of the members of the Church. (more…)