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FAQ: Temple Cancellation/Clearance

MCQ - June 18, 2013

Over at MormonMentality, NewlyHousewife has posted a great list of FAQs for those interested in temple cancellations or clearances. This info is not well known and is hard to find, so I’m reposting it here. Feel free to comment here or at MM.

10 frequently asked questions regarding Temple Clearance and Temple Cancellations.

Having divorced my husband, and talked with my local leaders at length I’ve decided to share what I have learned with others in the hopes that they’ll have a greater understanding of the process—whether for their own benefit or for the benefit of those around them.

Before I start, let me first define the two:

Temple Clearance: Sought by the man when he wants to remarry. He is sealed with his first wife, and will be with the woman he is marrying—men cannot seek clearances if they are not engaged.

Temple Cancellation: Sought by the woman. She is no longer going to be sealed with her former husband, and is likely to be sealed with another man in the near future—women can seek clearances if they are not engaged, but it is highly discouraged. (more…)