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Whining About Wine

Rusty - June 2, 2005

A couple days ago my wife and I returned from Italy, where we were celebrating our 5th anniversary and my finishing grad school. Rome was cool, Florence was nice, but nothing came close to the countryside of Tuscany. We rented a car and took day trips to the little medieval towns that dot the landscape. The views were gorgeous. The houses and hillsides were straight from fairy tales. But the vineyards, it was the vineyards that took our breath away. We pulled the car over right as the sun was setting and hiked down through an olive grove into a vineyard and just sat there taking in the beauty that God has created. It was wonderful.

I’ve never in my life had a difficult time with the Word of Wisdom… until then. We were in the absolute heart of one of, if not the greatest wine-making region in the world. Wine is a way of life for these people. It’s almost a religion. Wine is not just something to quench thirst, rather it interacts with the food that is served. Its taste depends on what was in the soil and air of that particular year and how it reacted to the barrels it was aged in. I am having a difficult time thinking of any other food that is more poetic and has been treated with as much reverence as wine. I have a feeling that God is saddened by the fact that He’s had to prohibit us from enjoying it.

I told my wife that the minute the Word of Wisdom is repealed we’d buy tickets to go back and fully experience one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Anyone else wanna join us?


  1. Two nights ago my wife and I had just finished dinner at a charity auction and one of our dear (non-member) friends came up to our table with a glass of wine in her hand. She gave my wife a “social” hug and then leaned across to also give me a quick embrace. As I stood and reached out in response, our hands collided and the glass of wine fell straight down into my wife’s lap. She got soaked clear through to her garments – which was definitely a “first”.

    Somehow I don’t think I would be able to convince my partner to accompany you romantics on that post- W of W trip to Italy…

    Comment by Brent — June 14, 2005 @ 11:20 pm

  2. I’m there.
    Steve Evans | Email | Homepage | 06.02.05 – 6:40 pm | #

    I can soooo relate to this story. I visited Florence, Milan and Tuscany regions last year and struggled with the same issue. I will admit I sipped/slipped! I think the same thing exists with Coffee in Italy. Um, cappucino anyone?
    Ali | Email | Homepage | 06.02.05 – 6:52 pm | #

    This would probably surprise you, but count me in as well.
    john fowles | Email | Homepage | 06.02.05 – 6:59 pm | #

    This is funny…

    My wife is in cooking school, we’re both foodies, and subscribe to several cooking magazines that inevitably talk about wine and how it enhances food. Though we’re not sorely tempted, we sometimes think we’re missing part of the experience.

    If we weren’t LDS, we’d buy a vineyard and become wine and cheese makers. Save us two seats at the post-millennial Mormon wine tasting
    Ben S. | Email | Homepage | 06.02.05 – 7:09 pm | #

    I had the same thoughts when I was studying French. Wine is such a central element of French cuisine that I always felt kind of deprived.

    Not that the word of wisdom against conspiring men in these latter days has not been a great blessing in my life, but it would be nice to enjoy French cuisine to its fullest.
    Jordan | Email | Homepage | 06.02.05 – 7:24 pm | #

    john fowles,

    The funny this is that that doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s up to Rusty, but maybe we could pop in a rated-R movie while we’re all drinking wine together in Italy. Are you still interested in seeing The Last Samurai?
    Bob Caswell | Email | Homepage | 06.02.05 – 8:27 pm | #

    That and many others.
    john fowles | Email | Homepage | 06.02.05 – 9:38 pm | #

    My dad has already stated what he would do if the Word of Wisdom was ever repealed. He has a bottle of whiskey that somebody gave to him and my mom for an anniversary present, and they didn’t have the heart to say, “We don’t drink, sorry.” It’s older than I am, and I’m 22. I can imagine it will be pretty well aged by then. ^_^
    Sister T | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 12:04 am | #

    I have not been to Tuscany, but I relate to your struggle. I think it would become an expensive hobby, but worth it. Of course, if you haven’t seen Sideways yet, you would appreciate it’s satire of Cali wine country.
    Dallas Robbins | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 12:28 am | #


    This is why you should do what we do, and opt for simpler vacations to beautiful places in the Midwest… like Wisconsin. At least there you can taste the cheese.
    Amy | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 12:31 am | #

    You know you tried some Rusty.
    Rob | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 12:42 am | #

    Sideways would be the perfect movie to watch while drinking for the first time!
    Bob Caswell | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 12:46 am | #

    Wisconsin?!? Weren’t you tempted by all the beer everywhere?
    Eric S. | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 3:50 pm | #

    I’ll stuck with a Scotch.

    The Last Samurai is R? Must be an American rating. In Canada, it’s 14A. I saw it, and I have no idea why it would be rated R.
    Kim Siever | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 3:55 pm | #

    I would have tried some. No, I would’ve drunk alot. After all, what’s good enough for Joseph in Carthage is good enough for me. Minus the lead poisoning, obviously.
    Casper the Ghost | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 5:32 pm | #


    I’ll join you.

    Beer making and drinking is a big part of the culture in the Czech Republic, where I served my mission and have returned on a couple of occasions. The wine culture is much more sophisticated, but I have always felt as though I have missed out on an important part of Czech culture by not imbibing. At least they’ve begun making nealkoholicke pivo for us teetotalers.
    Chris Williams | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 5:52 pm | #

    Sadly, I am sitting right now in the heart of Washington’s greatest wine region, with an open invitation to go hang out at the greatest winery. I’ve already been to two tastings without embibing.

    Its like the law of chastity pre marraige. How could something so good (so I’ve heard) be off limits?

    Count me in!!!
    J. Stapley | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 6:56 pm | #

    Eric S.,

    We tried the O’Doule’s at the St. Louis Budweiser Brewery and decided beer must be either one of those “acquired tastes,” or people just drink it for the buzz (…uh, or both). From the comments to this post, I gather wine is much more tempting.

    Hey, Rusty–

    Remember the time we opened up a jar of Dad’s homemade grape juice only to find out it hadn’t sealed tightly when it was made the year before? And why did Mom have to dump it all down the sink so quickly?
    Amy | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 10:39 pm | #

    I admit to some of the same feelings about both wine and coffee in Paris as my wife and celebrated our 20th.

    On the other hand, as to wine and other beverages that obtain their taste by rotting … and decided beer must be either one of those “acquired tastes,” — that is what I conclude every time I pick up some de-alcoholized wine for cooking …

    Forced nuance is what it is called …

    But still.

    Could be a lot worse. Imagine if you couldn’t eat chocolate.

    (Darn, forgot there, I haven’t had any for years since I discovered the cause of the cramps and other severe allergic reactions I have to chocolate).

    Stephen M (Ethesis) | Email | Homepage | 06.03.05 – 11:37 pm | #

    Hey, this is actually something I can relate to as SBCers are denied alcohol as well, though we don’t think it’s an actual rule from God… just more of the out of sight out of mind adage; since drunkness is a sin, never drink and therefore never have the opportunity for drunkness to ever occur. Pretty smart thinkin to me.

    And I’m not 21 yet, so there you go. But I will admit to having tasted a beer before (definately something I would call a “forced nuance” as well) as well as wine at Thanksgiving once and at Episcopal communion. I don’t think I’ll ever try any again though. Maybe it’s all an aquired taste, cause it didn’t taste very good at all… I don’t think I or any of you are missing out on anything much.

    But I think I’d freak if I was denied my Starbucks and sweet tea.

    And is there some rule against R rated movies I don’t know about? I mean, I think I knew they were frowned upon, but is there an actual rule or law against them? Cause number one best movie ever made: Braveheart, which is definately rated R.
    Annie | Email | Homepage | 06.04.05 – 12:39 am | #

    I have a hard time understanding which thing is more of a shame–that something like alcohol has become such an integrated part of so many of the world’s cultures, or that we are such lousy stewards with it that it is to be banned. Also, I’ve always wondered how much I could take before passing out, but I don’t think I will ever get to find that out.
    Interesting to note, however, that so many cultures also thought tobacco was an integral part of their culture (like snuff a few hundred years ago and chew for ballplayers) but later found out how easily they could get rid of it once they had the proper motivation.
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 06.05.05 – 12:50 am | #

    I’ve never been tempted to drink. My stepfather used to beat us whenever he was drunk, which was all the time. It seems there’s enough wife beating in the Church without throwing alcohol into the mix. When I was bishop I told the Melchizedek Priesthood that I would ex anyone who hit their wife. One sister told me it saved her life. Her loving hubby didn’t think beating your wife was that bad before that. Guess he should have listened to conference a little closer.

    But please let me know when polygamy is approved again. I might consider partaking in that. (Please no e-mails from *fundamentalists*.)
    Floyd the Wonderdog | Email | Homepage | 06.08.05 – 1:37 pm | #

    Sorry, whiskey only ages in the cask. Once it’s bottled the aging ends/
    Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 07.31.05 – 3:15 pm | #



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