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Rusty - June 28, 2005

As you can see the logo above has changed. I think I’m going to change the typeface every week or so. I’m doing this for no other reason than I love type and have a lot of typefaces and I enjoy mixing it up a bit. As always I encourage both positive and negative feedback, but make sure it’s positive.

You will also note that I have updated the Bloggernacle links on the side. If yours isn’t represented and you wish it to be so, submit your entry fee, take the test, FedEx me the results, and then I will consider putting your link up. Or just ask me.

I’ve also put up the Mormon Archipelago logo, but I can’t figure out what the little “> thing is below it. I can’t seem to get rid of it. If anyone knows how to shake it, please let me know.

And as always, thanks for your interest and I hope it continues to be interesting.


  1. Cool. I dig the new logo. You were needing some farket colors and this really hithte spot. I love the new MA list order too…

    AS for you stray “> it looks like it is just two stray characters after the code for your MA banner. Just go delete the stray and you’ll be good to go. (I’ll email you you too)

    Comment by Geoff J — June 28, 2005 @ 2:13 am

  2. You have this HTML:


    You have a link within a link.

    Comment by Kim Siever — June 28, 2005 @ 8:57 am

  3. Sorry:

    <li><a title=”" href=”http://<a href=”http://www.ldsblogs.org/><img src=”http://www.ldsblogs.org/Images/Isles.jpg”></a>”>&lt’/a></li>

    Comment by Kim Siever — June 28, 2005 @ 8:58 am

  4. Yeah, when I go to “view source” on this page it looks like that. But when I go into the design template in TypePad that little part doesn’t exist. So I’m going to have to get out of the template and go straight into the code (something I haven’t done yet).

    Comment by Rusty — June 28, 2005 @ 9:38 am

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