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Identity And Filling The Measure Of Creation

Rusty - July 21, 2005

One of the most lucrative careers in which a graphic designer can engage is branding/identity. We are the ones who create logos, choose company colors, and design any company promotion (brochures, websites, annual reports, etc). If done effectively all of these pieces come together into a cohesive whole to communicate the brand’s message. If done poorly the consumer experiences a disconnect between the company and its message.

The most skillful branding designers are those with a deep understanding of semiotics. They also do their homework. Behind every logo is hours, often hundreds of hours of meetings, research, brainstorming, and sketches. Why so many hours? Like my college professor taught, “You cannot not communicate.” If it doesn’t communicate the brand’s message it’s communicating something else, oftentimes a message you don’t want to send. These designers work hard to truly understand what the company is about, and translate it visually by distilling it down into a single mark. It’s easy to say one thing with a hundred words, it’s another to say a hundred things with one word.

It’s not just companies that have identities (thank goodness). Neighborhoods, furniture, architecture, the earth, stories, fashion, countries, cheese, everything that God creates (and many that we create) has an identity. When I think about identity the phrase “to fill the measure of its creation” often comes to mind. Everything God creates has a purpose to fulfill (its “measure”). This purpose is it’s true identity.

A couple years ago I went on a trip to the Deseret Ranch on the border of Wyoming/Utah. It’s a Church-owned ranch that utillizes sustainable principles to improve the land and wildlife (while making a profit). Rather than being prodded around from one nasty gated pen to another, the cattle are set free to wander the 220,000 acres of the ranch. They feed off the wildlife interacting in a natural habitat. The man in charge of the ranch suggests that these cattle are filling the measure of their creation and are receiving joy therein. There is nothing more a cow can do to make it more cow-ish than that.

My neighborhood is a very liberal, very tight-knit community determined to support small local businesses. For this reason it thrives. Also for this reason we don’t have a WalMart, an Olive Garden, or a Foot Locker. It’s not that they are inherently bad, just that those businesses wouldn’t succeed here because they would not be supported. The neighborhood couldn’t get more Park Slope-ish by doing so.

Man is God’s greatest creation. Our identity is Child of God. God Embryo. Potential God. Whatever you want to call it, the measure of our creation is to be like God. Contrary to what millions of people think, we don’t determine our identity (this is not to be confused with personality). The most important thing we can know in this life is who we are and what we can become. Me filling the measure of my creation isn’t so much having children as it is becoming like my Father in Heaven.


  1. Yes, I’m amazed at how much of an impression the color scheme, tones, font, and images of a weblog make on the reader. When I come across a really nice weblog, I’ll click back and forth between theirs and mine, saying, “d*mm*t, why can’t mine look more like theirs?”

    Comment by Dave — July 21, 2005 @ 3:08 am

  2. Nice post! And I like this week’s typeface.

    I just now realized what the Nine Moons are. Duh.

    Comment by Susan M — July 21, 2005 @ 10:26 am

  3. Reading your posts, is somewhat a time tunnel for me. When you describe your neighborhood, I am twisted back to my days in New York, and I almost instantly crave lox, and real bagels. Small tight communities of folks who don’t know each other well, but have somewhat the same ideals in regards to most things. The smells and noises of New York haunt my mind, and I miss it with an almost physical ache at times.

    I am not an artist, but I do appreciate it. I love logos. I love letterhead. I have several favorites, and I hate it when companies re-vamp and try to improve something that is classic. I am jealous of your ability to create such statements.

    We have a nature park that is near where I live now. It is a wonder. On my first trip there with my Webelos scout group, I remember the guide trying to explain enviornments that exisit with in enviornments. One comment from a scout was, “I am a really small part of God’s creation” Taken aback by the words of a ten year old, I mulled over them, for quite sometime. On the way home, I tried to express, what you have written so eloquently stated here. That we Are God’s greatest creation, and we can do no greater justice, than to become like him.

    Thank you for your post~ and for the ones that have preceeded it.

    Comment by Lisa — July 21, 2005 @ 12:42 pm

  4. I like your point, Russ, about the difference between identity and personality. That is DEFINITELY a problem in our society, especially among youth, I think. Maybe you could explain further on that issue. I’d like to hear it.

    Comment by Bret — July 21, 2005 @ 6:36 pm

  5. I have to admit I’m sometimes amazed you are just my little brother. ;) Intriguing and very well-expressed ideas — thanks!

    Your very last statement sounded rather contradictory to me, however: “Me filling the measure of my creation isn’t so much having children as it is becoming like my Father in Heaven.” Heavenly Father’s a FATHER, so doesn’t becoming like Him involve having children? Or are you just giving Mom more excuses as to why you don’t have kids yet? (Hee hee)

    Comment by Amy — July 22, 2005 @ 4:01 pm

  6. I have meant to comment on this (but as you know, I have been occupied :) ). I wanted to tell you how awesome I think your Archiplego branding was. It could truely have a lasting impact. Cheers!

    Comment by J. Stapley — July 22, 2005 @ 6:19 pm

  7. Thank you for writing this. I stumbled upon it by accident because I googled the phrase “The measure of my creation” I was trying to find a word to define this concept.
    Thank you for reminding me the true measure of my creation and that all other exciting events and responsibilities such as bearing children are appendages to this.

    Comment by Pamela Lemmon — June 9, 2010 @ 11:18 pm

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