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Does the Holy Ghost Get Enough Credit?

Don - September 17, 2005

My wife and I just got back from the National Bridal Market in Las Vegas.  Before we left and each day there we offered prayers to be "guided and directed" on our choices etc.  Were we?  That’s the questions that got me thinking about guidence from the Holy Ghost.

Two years ago my wife offered a quick prayer in the bathroom at the market and felt prompted to go to the "Eternity Gowns" booth.  We did, bought their line of modest dresses and now 2 years later it looks like my wife will be joining their gown design team.

My point is: sometimes inspiration is obvious, we act on it and get the blessings, but what about the less obvious?  We picked up two new lines of gowns this year, was that inspired?  One of the new lines we picked up last year went out of business 5 months later…was that inspired?

Of course God wants us to make our own choices, He wants us to study, think, ponder and do the best we can.  Sometimes God doesn’t care what we choose.  When does it count enough to make inspiration necessary?

My problem seems to be recognizing the Holy Ghost’s inspiration.  20/20 hindsight helps sometimes because I can look back and remember the event or specific choice.  But sometimes those choices just look like me being very smart. 

I guess the fine line between my super intellegent choices (tongue in cheek) and those when I’m inspired makes it so I can’t exactly tell the difference.  So I try to error and give the Holy Ghost more credit.  However I do agree with the old adage "God gets more credit and more blame than He deserves"

So how do you determine when you’re inspired?  Is there a defining moment, or feeling or….?


  1. Why do you ask so many rhetorical questions?:)
    Seriously though, I only wish I knew and knew how to distinguish inspiration as opposed to the musings in my head.
    For example is my time here in Vegas student teaching. The kids are great, my cooperative teachers are great and things are going decent considering I have no idea what I’m doing and am feeling terribly overwhlemed; possibly more so then I’ve ever felt in my life.
    So as I struggle, trying to be patient to see if I’ll ever get any better at this and/or that I’ll like it enough to want to do this as a job, I ponder my many thoughts I’ve had over the past year or so over whether I should have switched my degree. Was it the Holy Ghost trying to tell me I’m getting into the wrong profession? (or at least the wrong part of it. High School instead College) Has he been putting all these thought into my head and persuading almost everyone I know (save my sweet mother) to tell me to shoot for university professorship and get me to switch? Or is it just me griping about life and not wanting to do the hard things I must do?

    Comment by Bret — September 17, 2005 @ 2:58 pm

  2. Bret,
    Exactly! I’ve been doing the same thing most of my life. Where is the answer?

    Comment by don — September 17, 2005 @ 6:05 pm

  3. Elder Anderson cam to the mission and in response to a similar question said (paraphrased):

    When it comes to you, do it. After you follow your thoughts long enough, you will learn to discern the spirit.

    This actually worked in the microcosm of the mission field. Now, the cacophony in my mind makes it much more difficult to discern…

    Comment by J. Stapley — September 17, 2005 @ 7:26 pm

  4. I guess I don’t understand why th e HOly Ghost is credited with inspiriing which outfit to buy or where the car keys got dropped, and yet can’t help people get out of New Orleans fast enough or help a missing child get found. I think it’s all common sense, intellect and luck. Why does the Holy Ghost have to have anything to do with these scenarios?

    Comment by Elena — September 19, 2005 @ 12:08 pm

  5. Elena,

    I think the reason the H.G. has something to do with choosing the right dress or finding lost car keys is because we ask.When you have the gift of the H.G. and you are worthy, AND you seek his guidence, then I think you have the right to expect his help in those areas.

    If it’s common sense, intellect and luck, then why even have the H.G. avaialble at all?

    Comment by don — September 19, 2005 @ 1:12 pm

  6. Elena, I bet there are stories we just don’t know of regarding people who in fact WERE prompted by the Holy Ghost in evacuating New Orleans and others who in fact HAVE been helped by the Holy Ghost to find their missing child. At least, that’s my optimistic assumption. Can’t say I have any answers to all the good questions posed here, though. I’ll keep watching to see if anyone else does…

    Comment by Amy — September 19, 2005 @ 11:59 pm

  7. It’s sometimes about asking with childlike faith when a true need is there.

    I can remember one time when I was first married with very young children and NO money, I lost a wrench that I REALLY needed to have so I could work on the family car. The tool had been missing for several days. There was no way I could afford to buy a new wrench, and for sure couldn’t afford a mechanic, so I prayed to know where the tool was. As I prayed in my bedroom, I saw in my mind the back bumper of the car. I thought to myself, “There is NO WAY the wrench could be there. I’ve been driving the car for at least two days since I last used that wrench”. But, I went to look anyway. Sure enough, the wrench was sitting right on top of the back bumper (there was just enough of a rim around the bumper’s top surface to keep the wrench in place during the 120-plus miles I had driven the previous two days).

    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so “educated” these days so I could have more of these simple Faith & Spirit experiences…


    Comment by Brent — September 20, 2005 @ 2:55 am

  8. don, what are the parents of Garrett Bardsley missing? The gift of the Holy Ghost, worthiness, or prayer?

    Comment by will — September 26, 2005 @ 3:43 pm

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