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Apology to DKL

Guest - November 29, 2005

Submitted by GST

I apologize to DKL
for the "Monsters" post.  I do not now nor ever did think that he was
like Hitler in any respect. 

I was quite sure that he would appreciate my attempted joke, but I was
wrong.  Had I thought that he wouldn’t appreciate the joke, I
wouldn’t have posted it in the first place, and now that I know that he
didn’t appreciate it, I apologize to him and his family.

Danithew: I noticed that you posted a link in T&S’s "Notes From All
Over" to the original post last week.  Would you do the same for this
post so that the apology gets at least as much
attention as the original post?  Maybe something like "Newsflash: DKL in fact NOT Hitler."  Thanks.

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