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Family, that’s what it’s all about

Don - December 31, 2005

With the holiday season offically over it is time to reflect on it’s events.

First, we had a glorious funeral for my father – Rusty’s grandfather. One comment after was it was more like a "Roast" than a funeral. A man who was completely inactive – smoked, drank, gambled all my growing up life, non-supportive of me wanting to serve a mission. He moved next door to my brother, and because of a caring Bishop and ward members became active. He attended church and the temple regularly, plus mading a big change in his personality with a new kindness and caring we hadn’t seen before. A man who grew up in a one room log house, no electricity or running water, to the computer age and he participated fully in all of it. My wife summed things up best by saying "At least he gets to go ‘home’ for Christmas."

Second, our family home for Christmas. What is more important than family? Rusty and I talked about many things including blogging and the blog, voting for "New Cool Thang" or "Nine Moons", great fun. As I drove him and Sara to the airport this morning at 5am I was again thinking about our family. The gospel offers us so much, so much understanding, so much hope, so much more.

As this new year comes upon us may all of you have the comfort and love of your family and the hope of the gospel to be with you. Thank you all for allowing me to comment, spout off, and becoming part of the bloggernacle, I look forward to more of the same.

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  1. Amen.

    Comment by Rusty — January 1, 2006 @ 12:52 am

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