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Life, What is it, Why have it?

Don - May 4, 2006

Furthering the discussion between my previous post here at Nine Moons and Geoff’s post at New Cool Thang, I have some more thoughts about this earth life.

I question is whether we make too big of deal about this earthlife!  Why do we suppose this earthlife is so darn important?  We are taught that God created this earth so we could come here, gain a physical body with it’s unique experiences and show faith by keeping the commandments so we can become Christlike and return back to Him.  The only valid part of those teachings to me is the gain a physical body part.  Far too many people have been born and died on this earth who did not experience anything nor had any chance to show any faith or keep any commandments to validate the entire teaching.

That being said, let me get to my point.

I think we make a big deal about this earthlife because we are in the middle of it.  It is the only thing we really know and can experience.  We are told it’s important to come to this earth, that God created it for us and we needed to get a physical body.  Didn’t God have to prepare the place we call the pre-mortal existence/world?  Didn’t the intellegences, that existed somewhere, gain a spirit body when they came – were placed – were born – into the pre-mortal existence? Wasn’t that world as carefully planned as this one?

God created this earth for us, but hasn’t He also promised to create a Celestial Kingdom/world for us? (Yes, I realize the Celestial Kingdom is this earth, but God has a lot of work – creating to do to make it a Celestial sphere…it’s going to be a whole new world). When does this creation process for us stop?  Why do we assume He’s done? 

We existed for who knows how long as intellegences. (As separate units, or a massive mixture, I won’t debate, but in either form, the unit, or those pieces were part of the real me)  We next existed for who knows how long as pre-mortal spirits.  What kind of experiences did we have there?  What would it be like to be around Heavenly Father and Jesus on a continual basis for eons and eons?  How much could we learn?  How much can you learn about being a god by watching God be God for eons?

Next we get this 72.8 years of earthlife….if we are lucky.  Millions and millions got 7.99 years or less, some a lot less.  What do we really learn or become from 30 minutes of earthlife?  What do we really learn or become from 90 years of earthlife…..in the eternal scheme of things, especially when compared to the past eons and eons of existence?

In the next phase we go to a Kingdom where we continue to progress.  What do we learn in that Kingdom?  Maybe it depends on which kingdom we go to…maybe it doesn’t.  Maybe it’s just part of the whole eternal process of eventually becoming like Heavenly Father.

So here’s my point…kind of: It appears we were judged when we went from intellegences to spirit bodies (I don’t think all spirits were comprised of exactly the same intellegence material and therefore perfectly equal to start with).  That judgment was just in that the creator did it based on His criteria, which as a God must be just.  Next after some time as spirits we are judged again prior to this earthlife.  This judgment obviously makes quite a difference on our earthlife experience.  This judgment was just.

Can we complain that God judged us unfairly when placing us here on earth?  Should I have died as an infant?  Should the infant lived longer?  Should I have been born in the church?  Why did God judge us and place us where and when He did?  I feel it was because He loves me and wants me to be the best I can be, and placed me in the best situation to do that…for me, for who I am.  Can He do less than that and still be a loving Heavenly Father? I don’t hink so.

Then at the end of this earthlife He will judge me again.  I will be assigned to a kingdom.  This kingdom again will be the best situation for me, considering who I really am, to continue to progress to become like Him.

Do I need multiple earth probations?  I’ve already had multiple probations and God has made judgments on me at each one.  Will I get more earthlife probations, I don’t thnik so…will I get more probations, maybe.  I know God’s judgments are just, He loves me, and He gives me more than I deserve, He wants me to become like Him and I don’t know when or if He ever gives up on me.  I just know it’s my responsibility to do the best I can, no mater which part of the existence I’m in, which probation, and right now it’s earthlife so I better make the most of it…I don’t think I get a second chance.


  1. Don,

    You are certainly free to reject the solution that I suggested to the problems I posted about (MMP). Lots of people reject the idea of multiple probations. But you haven’t addressed any of those problems at all in this post so I don’t really have much to address here… If you reject my solution to those problems do you have an alternative solution in mind?

    Comment by Geoff J — May 4, 2006 @ 10:15 pm

  2. I agree Don. And I actually think this view does address all kinds of concerns. Don’t let Geoff tell you it doesn’t! :)

    Comment by Eric — May 5, 2006 @ 8:40 am

  3. More thoughts….

    Geoff is often having to dismiss chapters of scripture (Alma 42 for example) to support MMP. He also might dismiss Joseph Smith prior to 1828. He doesn’t address eternal marriage yet. He has to say lds.org and similar sources are politically corect human relations types who can’t let the truth out, etc.

    All you (and I) have to do to support the view you have expressed is explain that God is not being mean or unfair in passing judgment. It seems that way anyway.

    Comment by Eric — May 5, 2006 @ 8:44 am

  4. Thanks Eric, I thought your post on Geoff’s Blog pointing out that THE alternative to his MMP is: pre-motral world, earthlife, judgment, Kingdom.

    Geoff, you seem to want to put the burden of proof on those of us who accept the doctrine as generally understood (explained above) to give an alternative to your MMP theory that answers all the questions. First I don’t think all the questions can be answered. Second your MMP certainly doesn’t answer all the questions either.

    Comment by don — May 5, 2006 @ 1:20 pm

  5. The purpose of life is to learn how to love, something that must be done in a finite, mortal world of contrasting values, so choices are available and weighted.

    Comment by D. Fletcher — May 7, 2006 @ 3:41 pm

  6. I agree with this post.
    In the church we have the tendency to say that this life is the test–that it all depends on what we do and choose in this life.

    When in reality, it’s such a small time period that all we can basically do is show the Lord (through our desires and actions) that we are still on his side.

    Instead of behind THE test, I like to think of this life as the very last T/F question on some sort of test that we have already taken.

    Comment by Jason — May 8, 2006 @ 12:39 pm

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