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Judgment Day…One question

Don - September 28, 2004

Through careful study I’ve come to the conclusion that judgment Day will be very simple and concise. From my lifetime experience in the church, I’ve decided the Lord only needs to ask one question to see if we are worthy to enter the Celestial Kingdom…How many chairs did you stack?
If you think about it, there is more to this question then meets the eye. The answer tells a few things about you. For one, it shows how charitable you are. You have either faithfully served time after time or gone through life lazily and selfishly. Second, it shows whether you supported fellow saints and your local leaders by attending their meetings, baptisms, Christmas programs, etc. Finally, it shows whether you were diligent faithful in attending all the necessary meetings that proved you were an active member of the church.
So, if you have not already been doing so, go stack those chairs!

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  1. That’s funny. Too bad for the sisters though.
    Rusty | Email | Homepage | 09.28.04 – 3:01 pm | #

    I stack the little chairs every Sunday as an assistant nursery leader. I’m saved! ^_^
    Sister T | Email | Homepage | 09.28.04 – 3:52 pm | #

    I usually set up the chairs because I’m a compulsive punctual…or at least I would if my wife wasn’t always late. And I don’t stack them because there’s a committe somewhere for that. I’ll probably end up getting the “hot seat” huh?!
    Don | Email | Homepage | 09.28.04 – 4:31 pm | #

    Maybe Don should go to hell for his lame puns.
    Rusty | Email | Homepage | 09.28.04 – 5:13 pm | #

    The question is how many did you STACK, Don, so I’m pretty sure setting up is of no worth, whatsoever.
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 09.28.04 – 9:11 pm | #

    One request: wait for the music to end before you start stacking. Baptism services are where I find too soon chair stacking most jarring.
    John Mansfield | Email | Homepage | 09.29.04 – 2:01 pm | #

    Could the women’s judgment day question be “How many casseroles did you give away?” …Probably not, since that doesn’t reveal church attendance. But hopefully it can count for something! Guess I’ll try to stack a few more chairs. (That’s another whole issue, right — stacking lots of chairs but doing so grudgingly, or with intent only for personal gain?)
    Amy | Email | Homepage | 10.01.04 – 4:56 pm | #

    I hadn’t really thought about that, Amy. There’s enough RS meetings and YW meetings and such that you would have just as many chairs to stack as the men in the church, right? If not then I guess you will have to get more centerpieces and tablecloths set for meetings!
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 10.02.04 – 6:40 pm | #

    Comment by Comment Restore — November 28, 2005 @ 12:43 am

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