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Closed Sundays

Don - October 8, 2004

There are two businesses selling virtually the same products, one located 1/2 mile from my home and one located 2 miles from my home. The one that is located 2 miles from my home is closed on Sundays, the other is open 7 days a week. Otherwise they are virtually the same.

As a “good Mormon” should I go out of my way to shop at the store 2 miles away? Since it is closer and I can walk there, should I go to the closest store? Does it really matter? Would the answers be the same if the 2 mile location’s prices were higher…5%, 10%, 15% higher? (the store open 6 days has to do a little over 15% more business or have 15% higher prices to do the same in gross sales as the 7 day store…assuming equal sales everyday).

I think when it comes to living our religion we are much better at it with our lips than with our wallets!

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  1. In our area the stores that sell groceries and such are open 24/7. So, while I don’t shop on Sunday, I can’t avoid shopping there on Wednesdays.

    As “good” LDS people, we have to do the best we can to live our religion in our particular circumstances.
    John | Email | Homepage | 10.08.04 – 1:33 pm | #

    Here’s a link that might be of interest. Make sure to read the comments.

    http:// baronofdeseret.typepad.co…ing_on_sun.html
    danithew | Email | Homepage | 10.08.04 – 2:57 pm | #

    Good question! My mind tells me I would try to support the one that is closed as much as possible, even at my own inconvience and even if the prices are higher. (that is, if they have a good reason for being higher, which I’d assume the great majority do) When it comes to DOing that, I’m not sure I would!
    Also, it’s easy to say I would if I had a lot of money, but again, would I?
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 10.08.04 – 5:45 pm | #

    So, are you saying that we should go out of our ways to only shop and do business at places that are closed on Sundays? As John said, “As ‘good’ LDS people, we have to do the best we can to live our religion in our particular circumstances”. In other words, it’s gonna be hard to find stores that are closed on Sundays and only shop there, especially in today’s secular world.
    Sister T | Email | Homepage | 10.09.04 – 1:01 am | #

    My question deals with similar stores, one being open, one closed on Sundays. I’m not saying we should go out of our way to search out and shop only at stores closed on Sunday.

    If both offer the same product should we / would we shop at the one closed on Sunday? What if prices are higher?
    don | Email | Homepage | 10.09.04 – 2:00 am | #

    Oh, ok. Just checking.
    We’ve got two Walgreen stores near us (one is newer), and they’re at least the same distance apart. I go to the older one, mainly because it was there first.
    Sister T | Email | Homepage | 10.09.04 – 2:42 pm | #

    What if the store open on Sunday is run by people who celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday?
    VeritasLiberat | Email | Homepage | 10.12.04 – 1:19 am | #

    If I were to boycott all businesses that require employees to work on Sunday, I would have to include the LDS church in my boycott.
    Will | Email | Homepage | 10.13.04 – 2:43 pm | #

    Okay, so we’re not talking about completely boycotting stores that are open on Sundays! But what’s wrong with showing a little support for others who share your own beliefs? I wish I were better at paying attention to those stores closed on Sundays and shopping there more regularly, since they embody what I stand for.

    Of course there are businesses and institutions that must be open on Sundays. Of course there are faithful worshippers in other religions who run stores and seek the customer’s dollar as much as the LDS owner. But to me it makes sense that as a people who preach “no shopping on Sundays,” we ought to do what we can to support those business owners who are striving to follow this standard.

    (I’m not saying I DO go out of my way and pay higher prices at a store closed on Sunday, but at least this post has forced me to consider it…)
    Amy | Email | Homepage | 10.13.04 – 4:02 pm | #



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