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Redeem the Dead? What’s the Rush?

Don - October 21, 2004

Two Sundays ago I listened to a talk on temple work and I took another look at this question again that I have pondered for a few years now. Why are we in such a hurry to redeem the dead? I mean, I understand the importance of the work and of going to the temple as often as possible; at least for ourselves. I just do not understand why we are told to hurry up and get as many names done as possible, now. It is almost as if you better hurry or it will be too late.

I make this case for two reasons: One, the dead dwell in a place where time does not necessarily travel at the same rate as the living, so it’s not like they are really waiting 400 years or whatever to get their ordinances done. Second, every persons ordinances will be done. Nobody is going to be left out. Their temple work will get done sometime either now or during the millennium.

I don’t mean at all to sound cynical. It is just a curious thing in the church since we know the reasons to do genealogical work and such…But why the urgency when it comes to performing the work?

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  1. Good question, Bret! I’ve often thought about the same thing. I wonder if you touched on the answer in what you’ve already said… perhaps the emphasis on doing the work for the dead NOW is to save OURSELVES.

    Obviously, the more often we are in the temple performing the ordinances, the more we are thinking about the same covenants we made when we went through for ourselves. And what better reason to want to go again and again than to know we are helping someone else by doing so?

    As for doing the family history research itself, I’ve found that the more I search out my ancestors and do this saving work for them, the greater desire I have to do good and be good.

    Amy | Email | Homepage | 10.21.04 – 12:08 pm | #

    Simply put, doing the genealogical research and the temple work for the dead helps us here on earth at least as much as it does those on the other side of the veil.

    We already know that “they without us cannot be made perfect,” and you’re right in saying whether the work is done in this life or in the millennium, we know it WILL get done. But I think the statement “neither can we without our dead be made perfect” has more importance than we often consider.
    Amy | Email | Homepage | 10.21.04 – 12:08 pm | #

    I would agree with both of you, the work is for us, and then for the dead.

    In fact if you think about it those who have died the shortest time ago get their work done first and “wait” the least. The records we use for genealogy work are relatively new. Those millions who died before written records were kept, or where no records were kept will wait until the Millenium. They are stuck with “waiting” the longest indeed!

    Temple work is like any other service we perform for others…we always get more out of it, more blessings than the one whom we’ve done the service for. It’s true in R.S. meals, in E.Q. moves, in our callings and in temple work.
    Don | Email | Homepage | 10.21.04 – 2:23 pm | #

    My understanding is that folks on the other side who need ordinance work done are often a bit impatient with our progress in their behalf.

    I was doing some temple work recently and heard a spirit voice scream: FINALLY! IT’S ABOUT TIME!! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!!!

    Well ok, yes, I just made that up. That didn’t really happen at all.
    danithew | Email | Homepage | 10.21.04 – 3:09 pm | #

    As his will becomes ours, we will begin to sense the urgency of the work.

    We are buildiing Zion in our time relm and dimension. It may not matter to them, but to us the significance of the urgency bespeaks the priority of his work.

    Great question. I am not sure my answer means anything.
    Ian | Email | Homepage | 10.21.04 – 3:33 pm | #

    I guess I thought pretty much the same thing, but in a Temple Prep Class I took, the teacher mentioned the difference between Spirit Prison and Paradise, and stated that until the person’s work was done, they had to remain in Spirit Prison, unable to join others in Paradise, even though they may have been very good people while they were alive. My husband and I were called to be the ward family history consultants, and I can say that I have changed my opinion greatly. These people, our ancestors, are not in some kind of time warp. They are watching right now, and are anxious about us unlocking the prison doors for them.
    If you don’t believe me, read what the brethren say about it….
    Peggy Cahill | Email | Homepage | 10.21.04 – 6:24 pm | #



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