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Don - December 2, 2004

Why is that men get in trouble for leaving the toilet seat up and women don’t get in trouble for leaving the toilet lid up?

Maybe women just leave the lid up in public, at home things are different.

I would say that 9 out of 10 women who use our facilities leave the lid up. We are a retail bridal store and it doesn’t matter if it’s mothers or the brides, they all do it.

As a man, leaving the seat up was a habit I had to break immediately after I got married.

Do women do it differently at home? Or men don’t care if it’s up or down, or nobody cares?

Has anyone else gone thru a toilet seat up/down problem? Or do women leave the lid up at home and away, and that’s ok?

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  1. Boy, we are really exploring the dregs for content here now aren’t we. Toilet humor? Sheesh!

    I thought this was the stuff of sitcoms, I didn’t know people ACTUALLY complain about toilet seats being up. So the answer would be, no, no problems here.
    Rusty | Email | Homepage | 12.02.04 – 5:20 pm | #

    Interesting subject, I must say…But just to add a different perspective, I’d like to point out that many (if not most) public restrooms for women don’t have a lid, so they probably just don’t even think about it; I guess that’s why it’d be a habit. Also, I have four brothers that I would complain to about leaving the seat up, but they never mentioned to me anything about the lid, so I guess they didn’t see it as a problem.
    Lauren | Email | Homepage | 12.02.04 – 6:21 pm | #

    Ok, this is not easy to say. The most pertinent factor for me, and likely most women, is not esthetics. If a woman is not used to having a man around, she is likely to go into the bathroom, and automatically sit down on the toilet. If the toilet seat has been left up, and she sits down without realizing that, she ends up IN the toilet. Ok?
    Peggy Cahill | Email | Homepage | 12.02.04 – 7:35 pm | #

    I’m one of the lucky few who married a guy who prefers to sit down. ^_^
    Sister T | Email | Homepage | 12.02.04 – 8:28 pm | #

    Sorry for commenting on this one before the previous blog, but some topics are just easier to respond to right away than others!

    In public, I leave the toilet lid as I found it — which is usually up, presumably because no one wants to touch more strangers’ germs than necessary. At home, I train my son and gently remind (hee hee) my husband to put both the seat and the lid down — not only for esthetics and odor control, but for the safety of my 18-month old (not to mention to cut down on all the toys and excess t.p. that get flushed down just for fun).

    If you want your toilet lid down in your bridal store, would it help to post a small sign letting people know this? I imagine most women think nothing of it, especially if the lid was up when they got there.
    Amy | Email | Homepage | 12.02.04 – 10:01 pm | #

    Wow, I feel spiritually enlightend…
    Bryce | Email | Homepage | 12.03.04 – 2:55 am | #

    Sorry dad but I think Rusty is right, the subjects here are starting to sound like letters to the editor of the BYU-I newspaper, which rank (both meanings of the word) right up there with BYU’s letters to the editor.
    I guess Rusty and I need to post more often though so we don’t need to scrape for a subject. Finals time isn’t the easiest but I’ll try.
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 12.03.04 – 12:28 pm | #

    If you don’t like the subject, stay out of the bathroom
    Don | Email | Homepage | 12.03.04 – 1:03 pm | #

    I hereby declare that I will never go to the bathroom again.
    How’s that? C’mon dad, please tell me how this has absolutely any credible thing to do with Mormonism.
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 12.05.04 – 9:24 pm | #

    Around the house, we all close the lid, in order to discourage our younger dog from regarding the toilet as an alternate water dish.
    VeritasLiberat | Email | Homepage | 12.06.04 – 12:23 am | #

    Mormons go to the bathroom too don’t they?
    Don | Email | Homepage | 12.06.04 – 1:17 pm | #

    Remember when I said the word CREDIBLE?
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 12.06.04 – 6:30 pm | #



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