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Rusty - December 13, 2004

For anyone who doesn’t know, there is a great new blog discussing all things pop culture called kulturblog. I’ve been signed on as a contributer (though I need to renegotiate my paltry salary) to write about all things design (though my schedule has allowed me to only write one article). It’s a great site to catch up on movie reviews, music reviews, Broadway insights, design stuff, and Pokemon. Well, not really Pokemon. But check it out.

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  1. We’re all hoping that the Pokemon will increase their presence in the bloggernacle in general… that pikachu is just so cute!
    Steve Evans | Email | Homepage | 12.13.04 – 10:11 am | #

    I’m a Charizard fan myself.
    William Morris | Email | Homepage | 12.13.04 – 12:35 pm | #

    Go Squirtle! I choose you!!

    Sadly, I actually follow Pokemon, Yugioh and other phenomena because I find their marketing strategies and approaches fascinating.
    Steve Evans | Email | Homepage | 12.13.04 – 12:52 pm | #

    Eeewwww! Pop culture is BORING! Well, not all of it, but you know I have to razz you about doing this somehow.
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 12.13.04 – 10:54 pm | #

    What’s funny is that you love The Simpsons and Halo. Hmmmmm…

    …or do you mean to say that the pop culture that you’re not interested in is boring? Trust me, fuschia is hot right now… and not boring.
    Rusty | Email | Homepage | 12.14.04 – 12:36 am | #

    My little boy and I follow Pokemon quite a bit. I even play the card game with him a lot. It’s difficult to keep him from inventing new rules on the spot. He’s 7, you know…

    On a bit of a spiritual note, even though he and I enjoy the whole Pokemon phenomenon, there came a point where I suddenly realized that he knew more about the evolutionary sequences of the pokemon than he did about the names or stories of Book of Mormon Characters. So, we got a copy of the Church’s kids Book of Mormon stories and started reading them at bedtime each night. He’s starting to pick it up, now.

    Mark Hansen | Email | Homepage | 12.14.04 – 1:19 pm | #

    Psh! Yeah! Obviously the pop culture I enjoy is cool and the rest of it is boring. So get with it already, eh!
    By the way, pink or “fuschia” should never be “in” for guys, EVER!
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 12.14.04 – 2:48 pm | #

    That’s funny about Pokemon. Have you heard about the new comic book based on the Book of Mormon? It’s called Golden Plates. It’s done by a really popular Mormon comic book artist who happens to be LDS. It looks interesting.
    Rusty | Email | Homepage | 12.14.04 – 3:52 pm | #

    Yeah, I’ve heard of it, and I’ve been wanting to get a copy, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I will, soon, then I’ll blog about it!

    Mark Hansen | Email | Homepage | 12.14.04 – 11:21 pm | #

    If only someone had spoken to the author of that comic book. That would make for a really great interview.
    Steve Evans | Email | Homepage | 12.15.04 – 12:01 am | #

    BYU’s Daily Universe did an interview / article on the comic book, it’s author etc. about 2 months ago. I happen to pick up the paper when I was walking thru the Y center while visiting.

    He’s had some pretty harsh comments made about the project from some self righteous do-gooders.

    But I think the comic book sounds great and hopefully will be successful and meet some needs
    Don | Email | Homepage | 12.15.04 – 1:48 pm | #



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