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The end is coming

Don - December 22, 2004

Here it is almost 2005. Gowing up I always thought the end of the world was coming around the year 2,000. If you go by all the theories, the 1,000 year dispensations etc. we should now be in the Millenium.

Remember the big deal everyone made over Y2K?

Well, when is the end coming? If we count the years, we are overdue. If we count the seeming wickedness we’re overdue. Obviously God must be on a different time table…or He’s using His mercy again.

Maybe Chirst’s birth was half way thru the earth’s life and we have another 2,000 years before the end comes.

With the new year approaching I’m just grateful I’m still here with a chance to repent and become better. I’m especially grateful for two principles I learned from an inspired Stake President. First, that progression is more important than perfection. Second, that it doesn’t matter where on the path I’m at, as long as I’m facing in the right direction and I am progressing.

Hopefully I am.

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  1. Maybe everyone is out eating, drinking, and being merry before the end comes, and that’s why no one has stopped to comment yet?…

    Right before Y2K, I remember hearing some historically-based calculations (uh, don’t ask me to quote you the sources) saying that we wouldn’t hit 2,000 years from the birth of Christ until about 4 or 5 years after the year 2000… which means, of course, that the end is VERY NEAR — so go repent! And finish stocking up your food storage and 72-hour kits! Or whatever we’re supposed to do.

    I like what your stake president told you. The only problem is that the Lord knows our lung, heart, and muscle capacities and therefore knows the pace at which each of us should be progressing. I hope He doesn’t condemn me for my ambitious sprints at the beginning of each New Year which ultimately diminish into half-spirited leisure strolls. (…I can see why the tortoise wins the race, huh?)
    Amy | Email | Homepage | 12.24.04 – 1:37 am | #

    According to my dad, the end will come sometime in 2042. I think it’ll be here in 2033. But who really knows for sure?
    Sister T | Email | Homepage | 12.24.04 – 2:50 pm | #

    Sister T,
    Any reason your dad gives for 2042?
    What’s your reason for 2033?
    Don | Email | Homepage | 12.24.04 – 8:46 pm | #

    I’m just guessing (6 April) 2033 because it will (supposedly) be 2000 years after Jesus started his actual ministery.
    As for my dad, I don’t remember exactly, but it has something to do with Easter, a Jewish holiday, and a Muslim holiday all falling on 6 April 2042. I’d have to ask him again.
    Sister T | Email | Homepage | 12.25.04 – 1:09 am | #

    My mother-in-law gave her son a pin for Christmas that said, “Jesus is Coming. Look busy” I thought that was funny.
    Rusty | Email | Homepage | 12.28.04 – 12:47 pm | #

    You’re WAY off! For one, who says this world has become wicked enough? I think we still have a QUITE a ways to go before people desire to do evil continually.
    Anyway, I have more firm in my belief that God is waiting more for the righteous to become more righteous then for the wicked to get more wicked.

    Finally, I think the end is whenever the Mayan calander is (2018, I think) since that’s the Nephite one, right?>8p
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 12.30.04 – 1:55 am | #



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