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Come Let Us Anew

Seth - January 27, 2008

We bloggers have lost our prophet. I don’t think there has ever been a moment in the brief history of internet Mormonism where Gordon B. Hinckley was not an unspoken fact of life. Now that he is gone, it just won’t be the same. For myself, Hinckley was the voice of the Church. From my earliest recollections of watching General Conferences with my parents, it was Hinckley’s voice that embodied the reality of God’s continuing instruction and care for His people. From a sentimental mortal perspective, it almost seems as if God’s voice has changed, though I know this is not the case.

Certainly the Church’s voice has changed. While I look forward eagerly to what a future of possibilities will bring, I deeply feel the loss of my prophet. I do not sorrow for him. He is reunited with his beloved wife, continuing God’s work, and one with eternity. What I mourn is the loss in my own life. My wife tearfully mentioned she almost can’t bear the thought of the inseparable faces of Hinckley and Monson now apart. A great friendship interrupted.

I have little else to add that is not being said elsewhere in our community. But the words of a favorite hymn come to mind.

Come let us anew, our journey pursue
Roll round with the year and never stand still
Till the Master appear
His adorable will, let us gladly fulfill
And our talents improve
By the patience of hope and the labor of love
By the patience of hope and the labor of love.

Our life as a dream, our time as a stream
Glides swiftly away, and the fugitive moment refuses to stay
For the arrow is flown, and the moments are gone
The millenial year presses on to our view
And eternity’s here
Presses on to our view, and eternity’s here
Presses on to our view, and eternity’s here.

Oh, that each in the day of His coming may say
I have fought my way through
I have finished the work though didst give me to do
Oh, that each from his Lord, may receive the glad word
Well and faithfully done
Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne
Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne.

Well and faithfully done President Hinckley.


  1. The beloved walnut tree lives on.

    Comment by Seth R. — January 27, 2008 @ 10:59 pm

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Seth. Recently my wife and I were watching the news and there was a story about how so many chuches – evangelical churches primarily – were using high-tech methods in their worship services. I initially expressed some disgust that any church would use technology to enhance what should be a reverent worship service and then my wife pointed out that our church has been using technology for years (satelliet broadcasts, etc). So much for my wisdom.

    As I contemplate the passing of President Hinckley today I think about how influencial he was in bringing the church into the modern age through the use of media and technology. Either well behind the scenes as a young man or in the forefront as Prophet, he has brought our church out into the daylight and the world has benefitted from that exposure.

    But despite those contributions, his greatest gift to all of us was his perfect example of gentle kindness and love, his witty humor and his great love for the Lord. My 23 year-old son expressed feelings to me last night when he heard the news that Presiedent Hinckley was such a force in his life for most of his life. For all of us who have benefitted by his leadership, we will miss him but he will always be part of us.

    Comment by Lamonte — January 28, 2008 @ 5:50 am

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