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Is all scripture really scripture?

Don - March 3, 2005

Is all scripture really scripture? Do we or should we put the same value on all scripture?
I guess by definition scripture is scripture, but I have a hard time giving the same value to different scripture. For example, Psalms (written by an adulterous king – not a prophet), Proverbs and Ecclesiastes (written by another king – not a prophet), Esther – nice story, Joseph Smith history – fantastic story, modern day conference talks – Thomas Monson included – good stories.

Do the sayings, advice and stories have the same value as the “Thus saith the Lords”? Not to me. If they don’t all have the same value then which or what is scripture to me? Can I pick and choose? I don’t think so. If I can’t then what or which am I accountable for? Should I be held accountable for Solomon’s advice: “Beat your kid with a rod, he won’t die” or Monson’s story of visiting the sick in the hospital on Christmas?

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  1. “Psalms (written by an adulterous king – not a prophet)”

    Are we sure David wasn’t a prophet? (Psalms contains an awful lot of prophecy about the coming of the Messiah.)
    VeritasLiberat | Email | Homepage | 03.03.05 – 2:56 pm | #

    Good point, I guess I didn’t consider that since Psalms isn’t part of “The Prophets” part of the O.T.
    Don | Email | Homepage | 03.03.05 – 4:45 pm | #

    I know for a FACT that you take that proverb about beating your son with a rod as scripture, more so than a lot of others!

    I think of scripture more as a chain then as a “more and less” type of thing. One doctrine leads to another which leads to another which encompasses another, etc. etc.
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 03.03.05 – 6:20 pm | #

    Interesting thoughts. When I did some instense study of the New Testament via redaction criticism, I gained some perspective on how scripture develops throught culture and time. When it comes to how to live a good life, the scriptures are fairly plain, especially the Sermon on the Mount, but everything else is up discussion.
    Dallas Robbins | Email | Homepage | 03.07.05 – 10:25 pm | #

    Well, what is “scripture”? Is it any ol’ verse in the standard works etc? Or is it what we feel to move us in that spiritual way? Because if its what ever we read in there or confrence etc, than I think I need to reread the “begats” and pray over them so I can better understand the spiritual meaning of every verse. :-/
    But if it’s the other than yes, we can pick and choose which can be classified as scripture. God DID give us the gift of choice right? Im not say pick which to live by but which has “thus sayeth the lord” type qualities. “Beat him with a rod” for example is about having the sense and courage to disapline your child, which in this day and age, is scripture for me. But hearing about the Old Testiments stories of people getting to, ahem, “know” eachother is something I dont think the Lord is exactly Mandating to me, other than basic morality and consequences.
    So in all, yes, the beauty of scripture is its ability to be personaly interpreted. And with that, we can interpret which is bread of christs words.
    Bryce | Email | Homepage | 03.07.05 – 10:45 pm | #

    I think it is a given that all scripture isn’t equal. If we took all scripture as equal then we would be in a world of trouble trying to reconsile all of the conflicting passages. I disagree not only with what some prophets and apostles say today, but also with what some said in the stardized works. For example when King Benjamin says, “The natural man is an enemy to God”. I know that he was expounding upon man’s estrangment from God. But it seems to me that this flies in the face of Mormonism’s relitively positive outlook on Man’s nature. What could be more positive than saying that “As Man is God once was, and as God is man may become”. So consequently I cringe when I read that passage, and Benjamin and I have to agree to disagree.
    Kierkecraig | Email | Homepage | 03.14.05 – 5:51 pm | #



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