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Time to laugh at our culture

Don - March 10, 2005

The second area of Nine-moons is to laugh at Mormon culture….

My wife is big on the “Color Code”. There are reds – strong, always need to be right, seek for status people, Blue – self righteous, detailed oriented people, Yellow – self centered party, have fun people, people, and White – laid back easy going, peace at any price people.

I’m a classic red, my wife is a classic blue. That combination in a relationship is by far and away the most difficult of all combinations.

I understand that Mormons, especially ones in Utah (according to what my son who lives there tells me) are really into this too.

I have a couple of questions….maybe they aren’t funny….maybe we can laugh at this!? Have any of you found defining yourself and others with these colors has helped your relationships? Any suggestions on helping a red / blue relationship?

A final question, what color is always right? I ask that because I’ve found it doesn’t matter what color you are you always see things from your perspective and that’s the right perspective, so you are always right….from your point of view, which of course is the right point of view or you’d be a different color…and then that point of view would be right, but then you’d be different so you’d still be right…right?

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  1. A decade ago when I took the test I was a rare hybrid: a red-blue (50%/50%). I think the description was something like, “Not afraid to step on peoples toes to get what he wants, but always appologizes when he does”.

    I don’t think simplifying anyone down to a possibility of four personality types can help anything. No one is that simple. Any analysis is going to be massively flawed.

    But you are right, it is fun.
    J. Stapley | Email | Homepage | 03.10.05 – 6:17 pm | #

    Maybe the popularity of color analysis among Mormons (which I’m not going to argue, but which I haven’t witnessed for myself either) is due to a deep rooted desire for explanations of ourselves that are somehow external to us — like a legitimate form of astrology for members.

    Birth order analysis seems to serve the same function.
    Bryce I | Email | Homepage | 03.10.05 – 7:38 pm | #

    and I have yet to see any refurbished electronics for sale…
    Bryce I | Email | Homepage | 03.10.05 – 7:39 pm | #

    Bryce, the refurbished electronics is Rusty’s department. Refurbished electronics to me are those fit for the garbage…but maybe Rusty can do better with his electronics.
    Don | Email | Homepage | 03.10.05 – 8:01 pm | #

    Perhaps there could be a bloggernacle color code: Red = forceful and zealous; yellow = snarky and joyful; white = prudent and pacific etc.

    I was going to fill in archetypes for each color, but I thought I would leave that to the Shadow.
    J. Stapley | Email | Homepage | 03.10.05 – 9:49 pm | #

    Well, as you know Dad, I don’t care for the classification of people into the color code. I’d preferr the color code be a tool to help us look DEEPER into someone’s character rather than use it for the basis of ones asessment.
    I say, as far as you being a Red and mom a Blue, remember that you’re Don and Erlene first, and Mom and Dad, and Brother and Sister Clifton, and none of those should be dictated by a clssification of personality. Be yourself and handle lifes situations, but only turn to the color code for deeper understanding of eachother so that you can comunicate for a better resolve. Being “red” or “blue” or “white” only classifies yourself into something NO ONE entirely is. Most people are “muts” in this sense, and we ALL show alittle of every color once in a while…even dad laughs.
    Bryce | Email | Homepage | 03.11.05 – 1:07 am | #

    J., I also came out pretty evenly divided between red and blue. In my case, it means I want to boss everyone around, but I really, really want them to like me for doing it. Sigh.
    Kristine | Email | Homepage | 03.12.05 – 7:53 pm | #

    Wow Dad, Bryce just gave a perfect explanation for your situation that was very LOGICAL and not really FUN, even though he’s a yellow.
    Color code to me sounds like a fun way to label people and also seems to be a system we can use and forget about what scriptures say concerning right and wrong and how we should deal with people of other’s personality. Honestly, do you really think Christ looked at a person and thought “oh, they belong in THIS category of personality, so I’ll deal with them THIS way.” I think rather He dealt with them on the basis of the condition of their heart instead. I also think the ancient and modern prophets do the same thing. I just talked to one of them, in fact
    Bret | Email | Homepage | 03.13.05 – 4:22 pm | #

    OK, time for me to get on my soapbox:

    I believe most people fill out those tests themselves. I’m convinced that people answer the questions according to what they think they are, or what they want to be. Have someone else who is close to you answer the questions for you, and you’ll likely get different, more revealing results.

    Secondly, most of us are members of a strong Western Culture, and like to put little boxes around things and make little “=” signs to make things nice and neat. It’s pretty demeaning to mankind to believe that there are only four personality traits, and that each of us is just a different permutation of those four traits.

    End of sermon.
    Joe | Email | Homepage | 06.07.05 – 2:13 pm | #



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