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Seth Rogers


I’m a 33 year old consumer bankruptcy attorney running a solo practice out of my home. I live with my wife Misty and three young children (two girls, one boy) in Longmont, Colorado (near Boulder, but not of Boulder). I’ve served in a variety of Church callings including: Executive Secretary, Cub Scouts, Elders Quorum, and Primary teacher (my favorite).

I grew up in Utah and served as a missionary in the Japan Fukuoka Mission 1994-1996 – mostly in rural communities. I received my Bachelors in Political Science (with a double minor in Philosophy and Asia Area Studies) from Brigham Young University and my Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming College of Law.

I’ve been on the Bloggernacle for several years now as a habitual devil’s advocate, occasional rabble-rouser, and all-around Mormon curmudgeon. I like Hugh Nibley’s “Approaching Zion” even though I realize many Nacle regulars feel he is just “sooo last week.” I also would like to announce that I have a copy of Spencer W. Kimball’s “Miracle of Forgiveness” and, by golly, I’m not afraid to use it!

I’m a naturalist at heart and enjoy early morning wildlife-spotting and hiking in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. I dabble a bit in politics, history, philosophy, theology, and I enjoy chess (still can’t beat my dad though…). I also compete in Olympic-style fencing at the amateur level in foil and sabre. As soon as I’m independently wealthy, I’d like to start collecting Renaissance-era weaponry. At present, I’m settling for collecting movie soundtracks (my favorite artist at present is Elliot Goldenthal).

My wife enjoys gardening, quilting, swimming, cooking, and child rearing. She performs all of these things with a sort of easy competence that completely baffles me. She also enjoys children’s fiction, long drives, genetics, and above all plotting and scheming (she calls it “planning”). We’ve been married over 8 years now.

My two primary vices are computer games and making bold assertions without backing them up. Pleased to meet you.